MCAT Vocabulary 8 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT

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  1. merely
    only, just, si mucho

    I did so poorly in Fall 2009 because I was marely trying to stay alive after the tragedy occurred
  2. hierarchy
    Arrangement of items above, below or at the same level to each other

    Mcat scores of two people are really a hierarchy of who has more chances to enter a particular school. Scores may put people below, above, or at the same level of competence, based solely on exam scores
  3. jurisdiction
    the official extent of power

    Police have traffic jurisdiction only in public roads; thus if an accident occurs in a college parking lot, they are powerless.
  4. consensus
    general agreement among people

    a presidential election, in a sense represents a consensus among the people of who they want as president.
  5. startling
    creating a sudden alarm

    I was startled to see the impact of my research on the sponsoring docs
  6. scrutinize
    to examine in detail with careful or critical attention

    when choosing a girl to hit on, one should scrutinize her fully, if one is to avoid getting stuck with a girl that doesn't fulfill
  7. niche
    a shallow recess on something. Typically on a wall, to place saints and stuff. Un "pollito"

    our house has a niche right above the garage door.
  8. status quo
    The current, existing condition of something (gen affairs)

    The status quo of the Colombia/Venezuela relationship is still an unknown
  9. hostile
    pertaining to an enemy

    The car-boms in Bogota in the early 90's were hostile repercussions as responses to the heavy hand that the government was placing on drug cartels
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MCAT Vocabulary 8 : Vocab Relevant to MCAT
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