Por and Para

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  1. Por and Para Definition
  2. Por..use when
    • Expressing movement along, through, around, by or about
    • Por actually replaces those words
    • Ex: Anduve POR las calles de la ciudad. (I walked THROUGH the streets of the city.)
  3. Por...use when
    • Denoting a time or duration when something occurs.
    • Ex: Viajamos POR tres semanas. We're traveling FOR three weeks.
  4. Por...use when
    • Expressing the cause (not the purpose) of an action.
    • Ex: Me caí POR la nieve. I fell down BECAUSE of the snow.
  5. Por...use when
    • Meaning supporting or in favor of.
    • Ex: Trabajamos POR derechos humanos. We work FOR human rights.
  6. Por....use when
    • Introducing the agent of an action after a passive verb.
    • Ex: Fue escrito POR Bob Woodward. It was written BY Bob Woodward.
  7. Por...use when
    • Indicating means of transportation
    • Ex: Viajaré POR avión. I will travel BY plane
  8. Por...use when
    • Used in numerous expressions:
    • Ex: POR ejemplo. For example. POR favor. Please
  9. Para...use when
    • Meaning for the purpose of or in order to:
    • Ex: PARA bailar la bamba, necesita una poca de gracia. IN ORDER TO dance the bamba you need a little grace.
  10. Para....use when
    • With a noun or pronoun as object, meaning for the benefit of or directed to:
    • Ex: Es PARA usted. It's FOR you.
  11. Para...use when
    • Meaning to or in the direction of when referring to a specific place:
    • Ex: Voy PARA Europa. I'm heading TO Europe.
  12. Para...use when
    • Meaning by or for when referring to a specific time:
    • Ex: Necesito el regalo PARA mañana. I need the gift FOR tomorrow. Vamos a la casa de mi madre PARA el fin de semana. We're going to my mother's FOR the weekend.
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