Questions MD-80s

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  1. Normal position of ground service buss switches
    Either APU or External If both on, no power available
  2. Engine displays visible with only battery switch on?
    left EPR, Right N1 Right EGT, right N2
  3. Engine instrument displays with both battery switch and emergency power on?
    left and right EPRleft and right N1left and right EGTleft and right N2
  4. What is the significance of the overhead circuit breaker panel?
    All equipment powered by emergency power is on overhead circuit breaker panel.
  5. What to look for in fire test?
    • 1: 6 overhead loop lights, Fire handles, loop light, master caution and warning, apu fire annunciation. (There will be 14 lights total)
    • 2: aural warning (bell)
    • 3: Voice warning for each engine
    • 4: Ability to silence warning
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