Nursing Arts

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  1. Small straight surgical knife used to make incisions without trauma to surrounding structures, reusable and disposable types available.
  2. Used to remove bandages and dressing, the blunt probe pointed blade can easily be inserted under the bandage without injury to the skin.
    Lister Bandage Scissor
  3. Primarily a dressing forcep, assist in applying and removing dressing.
    Standard Thumb Forcep
  4. Has teeth, used to grasp tissue, muscle or skin surrounding a wound.
    Standard Tissue Forcep
  5. Available with several different designs to grasp foreign bodies embedded in skin or under fingernails.
    Plain Splinter Forcep
  6. Same use as standard tissue forceps but have ringed handle.
    Allis Tissue Forcep
  7. Straight and curved, 4" small, 5" medium in size, used to clamp small blood vessels or hold tissue.
    Mosquito Hemostat
  8. Straight and curved, 6" to 7" in size, used to clamp larger vessels to prevent bleeding.
    Kelly Hemostat
  9. To hold suture needle. Available 4-7" in size.
    Needle Holder
  10. Manual and spring type, blunt and sharp, used to hold tissue aside to expose operative area.
  11. Ringed tip for grasping sponges to absorb excess body fluids during surgery.
    Sponge Forcep
  12. Used to hold drapes in place during surgery. Various sizes from 3 - 6.5"
    Towel Clamp
  13. Used to dilate cervix for examination or prior to dilation and curettage (D&C).
    Heger Uterine Dilator
  14. Used to hold tissue (cervix) while obtaining tissue specimen or biopsy.
    Uterine Tenaculum Forcep
  15. Used to remove matter from ear canals, usually accumulated wax (cerumen). Made with sharp or blunt scraper ends.
    "Buck" Ear Curette
  16. For obtaining specimen, usually for the determination of cancer cells.
    Biopsy Punch
  17. Used to cut sutures to be removed.
    Littauer Suture Removal Scissor
  18. Used to expose vessels, bone, cartilage and separate layers of tissue.
    a. blunt-blunt
    b. sharp-sharp
    c. blunt-sharp
    d. straight
    e. curved
    Operating/Mayo Scissor

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