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  1. nerve cells; the basic unit of nerves
  2. terminal zone of nerve axon, known as junctions, also contain numerous organelles
  3. the spaces between adjacent Schwann cells where nerve membranes can be exposed to local anesthetic drugs in myelinated nerves
    nodes of ranvier
  4. the inner layer of the perineurium
  5. the potential across a nerve; whenever it is not 0 mV
  6. when the potential across the membrane is 0 mV
  7. a state following a nerve impulse generation in which a subsequent impulse generation is either temporarily impossible or more difficult
    refractory state
  8. the period in which a partial attainment of the resting state has occurred and during which a larger stimulus is required in order to achieve a successful firing along previously fired segments of nerve membranes
    relative refractory state
  9. the state in which a nerve is receiving little or no stimulation
    resting state
  10. the process whereby impulses are more rapidly conducted along myelinated nerves due to a decrease in the length of membrane along which impulses must be generated in order to reach their destinations
    saltatory conduction
  11. connective tissue cells that protect neurons in the peripheral nervous system
    schwann cells
  12. Schwann cells, described as enclosing neurons
    schwann cell sheaths
  13. nerves that relay information to the CNS regarding tissue injury and stimulation
    sensory nerves
  14. the initial depolarization or electrical activity along a nerve membrane during which there is insufficient depolarization to generate a nerve impulse
    slow depolarization
  15. active pumps that enhance the movement of sodium ions both into and out of sodium channels
    sodium ion pumps
  16. the areas in ion channels of nerve membranes in which local anesthetic molecules are bound
    specific protein receptor site
  17. tree-like zones of neurons where impulses are transmitted to other nerves or nuclei of the CNS
    terminal aborization
  18. the period during which the generation of new impulses along previously fired sections of nerve membranes is physiologically impossible
    absolute refractory period
  19. a synonym for impulse, which refers to the electronic signal generated and conducted to the CNS and from the CNS to effector organs, cells, and tissues in response to stimulation
    action potential
  20. the processes or fibers of individual nerve cells that transmit signals to and from the central nervous system
  21. bilayered, phospholipid membranes of neurons, also known as neurolemmas
  22. the cytoplasm or intracellular environment of a nerve cell
  23. the part of a neuron that provides metabolic support and, in the case of motor neurons, also conducts impulses
    cell body
  24. a term referring to the relative amounts of substances on differing sides of membranes (in local anesthesia, neural membranes)
    concentration gradient
  25. the fasciculi in the central region of the mantle bundles
    core bundles
  26. a zone of a sensory nerve where stimulation occurs
    dendritic zone
  27. the network of nerves surrounding teeth that innervate the pulp and their supporting structures
    dental neural plexus
  28. to transform an area of nerve membrane from an excitable to a less excitable or nonexcitable state
  29. greater volumes of solution are required to accomplish impulse extinction
    durable blockade
  30. the difference in electrical charge across a membrane
    electrical potential
  31. the anatomic structure that separates individual nerve fibers and insulates their electrical activity
  32. the outer covering of the epineurium
    epineural sheath
  33. the loose connective tissue layer that surrounds the fasciculi, their associated supporting connective tissue including blood vessels and lymphatics, and the perineuria
  34. the outer environment of nerves beyond their membranes and associated Schwann cells
  35. bundle of nerve fibers
  36. the point at which a sufficient change in electrical potential has occurred to generate a nerve impulse
    firing threshold
  37. a group of nerve cell bodies outside the CNS
  38. water loving
  39. signals generated and conducted along nerve membranes that provide the CNS with awareness of tissue stimulation or damage or that initiate reactions from effector organs and tissues in response to the stimulation or damage
  40. the interruption of impulse propagation along particular areas of nerve membranes (local anesthesia induces impulse extinction)
    impulse extinction
  41. the environment within cell membranes, in this case, nerve cell membranes
  42. pathways within nerve membranes through which charged atoms can pass
    ion channels
  43. lipid or fat loving
  44. any drug that renders nerve tissues insensitive to stimulation by preventing the generation and conduction of nerve impulses
    local anesthesia
  45. nerves that transmit impulses from the CNS to effector cells, tissues, and organs
    motor nerves
  46. refers to nerves that are enclosed by multiple layers of Schwann cells
  47. axons and their associated Schwann cells
    nerve fibers
  48. the outer membrane of a neuron, also known as an axolemma
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