(308) Wound Healing

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  1. List 9 wound healing barriers:
    • Nutritional deficiencies
    • Venous/arterial insufficiency
    • Corticosteroids
    • Infecton
    • advanced age
    • Diabetes
    • Obesity
    • Poor general health
    • Anemia
  2. Which intention uses sututes or other wound closures to approximate edges?
    Primary intention
  3. Which intention wound is left open, jeal by generation of tissue?
    Secondary intention
  4. Which intention is a delayed prinmary closure?
    Tertiary intention
  5. Which intention wound may be contaminated?
    Tertiary intention
  6. What complication of healing is a separation and disruption of a previously approximated wound edges?
  7. What complication of healing is when a wound edge is seperated to the extent that intestine protrude?
  8. Band of scar tissue between and around organs?
  9. When dealing with complications of healing excess collagen tissue, large, red, raised and hard confined to the wound is know to be what kind of scar?
    Hypertrophic scars
  10. What type of scar is permanent, greater protrusion beyond wound edges?
    Keloid formation
  11. Results from excessive fibrous tissue formation, e.g. close to joints, burn pts is know as?
  12. When assessing wounds what do you assess?
    clue: REDAP
    • V/S (especially temp)
    • Redness
    • edema
    • drainage
    • approximation
    • pain
  13. What is the key element in wound healing?
    prevention of infection
  14. What are 5 good ways to prevent wound infection?
    • handwashing
    • aseptic technique
    • good control of diabetes
    • pt teaching
    • balanced nutrition and fluid intake
  15. List 4 factors that determine wound treatment:
    • 1. etiology of the wound
    • 2. amount of exudate
    • 3. antico[ated frequency of dressing changes
    • 4. cost effectifeness
  16. Wound management depends on ____, _____, __________ of the wound.
    • type
    • extent
    • chatacteristics
  17. When dealing with wound management you want to remove ______
  18. When dealing with wound management you want to protect the clean wound from _______.
  19. When dealing with wound management you want to _____ infection or _____ infection.
    • prevent
    • treat
  20. What is a good treatment for wound management?
  21. What is it called when 100% of O2 is delivered in a pressurized environment?
  22. List 5 ways of the removal of nonviable eschar, dead or damaged tissue:
    • Surgical
    • Mechanical
    • Autolytic
    • Enzymatic
    • Negative pressure therapy
  23. HBO is _______ for what kind of bacteria?
    • bactericidal
    • anaerobic bacteria
  24. HBO causes ________ of blood vessesls with out creating _______. It also decrease _____ in injured tissues and also decreases ________ pressure.
    • constriction
    • hypoxia
    • edema
    • intracranial
  25. HBO can cause __________ as it speeds up ______ metabolism.
    • hypoglycemia
    • oxidative
  26. HBO is NOT recommended foe what type of pts?
    pts with active cancer disease (b/c cause tumor growth)
  27. HBO improves defense mechanism of ___ and strengthens __________ function of certain enzymes.
    • WBC
    • antibacterial
  28. HBO increases ________ activity and facilitates linkage of what?
    • fibroblast
    • connective tissue fibers
  29. HBO stimulates formation of new what?
    blood vessels.
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