Cranial Nerve Innervations

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  1. Olfactory nerve
    olfactory mucosa
  2. Optic nerve
  3. Oculomotor Nucleus
    Extraocular mm (except 2...which two?)
  4. Nucleus of E-W
    Ciliary ganglion---->ciliary m, sphincter pupillae m
  5. Trochlear Nucleus
    superior oblique m
  6. Trigeminal ganglion (V1)
    • SAP BOOM:
    • Skin of face
    • Anterior scalp
    • Paranasal sinuses

    • Body of tongue
    • Orbit and eye
    • Oral cavity
    • Mucosa of nasal cavity
  7. Mesenphalic Nucleus
    mm of mastication
  8. Trigeminal ganglion (V3)
    • upper and lower jaws
    • teeth
    • cranial dura
  9. Motor nucleus of CN V

    Muscles Of Mastication

    • Mylohyoid m
    • Anterior belly of digastric
    • Tensor veli palatini
    • Tensor tympani
  10. Abducens nucleus
    lateral rectus m
  11. Geniculate ganglion

    • Taste buds on anterior 2/3 tongue
    • External acoustic meatus
    • Soft palate
    • Adjacent pharynx
  12. Superior Salivatory Nucleus
    pterygopalatine ganglion---->lacrimal gland, nasal gland

    submandibular ganglion---->submandibular gland, sublingual gland
  13. Facial nucleus

    Muscles Of Facial expression

    • Posterior belly of digastric
    • Stylohyoid m
    • Stapedius m
  14. Vestibular ganglion
    • hair cells of maculae of saccule and utricle
    • cristae of semicircular ducts
  15. Spiral ganglion
    hair cells in spiral organ
  16. Superior/Inferior ganglion (IX)
    T COMS

    Taste buds on posterior 1/3 of tongue

    • Carotid sinus and body
    • Oropharynx
    • Mucosa of posterior 1/3 of tongue
    • Soft palate
  17. Inferior Salivatory Nucleus
    Otic ganglion---->parotid ganglion
  18. Nucleus ambiguus (IX)
    Stylopharngous m
  19. Superior ganglion (X)
    Skin of external acoustic meatus
  20. Inferior ganglion (X)

    Mucosa Of Larynx, Epiglottis

    • Trachea
    • Alimentary canal to left colic flexure
    • Bronchi
    • Lungs
  21. Nucleus ambiguus (X)

    • Palate mm (except tensor)
    • Pharynx mm (except stylogpharngous)
    • Upper esophagus mm
    • Larynx mm
  22. Dorsal motor nucleus of X
    Vagal ganglia---->CAS

    • Cardiac mm
    • Alimentary canal to splenix flexure and its gland
    • Smooth m of coronary and bronchi
  23. Spinal nucleus of accessory nerve
    • trapezius m
    • sternocleidomastoid m
  24. Hypoglossal nucleus
    • Intrinsic m of tongue
    • Glossus m (except palatoglossus)
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