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  1. What does a French drain do
    collects subsurface water and moves it to another location away from the structure
  2. A soil engineer rates potential change of soil volume by
    the plasticity index (PI)
  3. What determines the type of foundation that should be installed at a particular site
    a soil sample analysis by an engineer
  4. What type of foundation is best for weak soils
    a pier and beam foundation
  5. A grade away from a foundation should fall ___ within the first ___
    6in, 10ft
  6. What are the four main soil classifications:
    sand, gravel, silt, clay
  7. A perimeter beam and slab poured at the same time as one piece is called ___
    a monolithic slab
  8. What happens when moisture in the soil freezes
    the water in the soil (not the soil) expands
  9. Lawn slopes toward foundation. How is it reported
    In need of repair (sloping and drainage); possible water penetration
  10. To what does differential deflection refer
    downwarping or cupping of the foundation
  11. How do you report evidence of wood destroying organism and wood damage in your report
    In need of repair; recommend a wood destroying insect inspection
  12. Maximum distance a crawl space vent should be from the corner of a building
  13. What, in a brick veneer home, provides an outlet to drain moisture condensation and provides ventilation behind the brick
    weep holes
  14. Bridging refers to the practice of
    installing bracing between joists to add stiffness to the floor/ceiling
  15. What are some signs of differential settlement
    cracks in interior and exterior walls, floors out of level, doors out of square or rubbing on the jamb, etc.
  16. What is the minimum crawl space access opening
    18in by 24in if no mechanical equipment; 22in by 30in if mechanical equipmen is present in teh crawl space
  17. What is the "drying edge effect" on a foundation
    it occurs when moisture is removed from the soil along the perimter of the foundation
  18. What is spalling
    pieces of concrete flaking off; can be caused by a lack of a moisture barrier, but usually caused by a lack of sufficient cement in the concrete mix
  19. What is efflorescence
    a white powdery substance that forms on brick walls and other masonry surfaces
  20. How does efflorescence get inside a basement
    repeated moisture or water penetration, followed by drying, brings out the calcium in the brick or masonry product
  21. How much should concrete or masonry foundation walls extend above the finished grade
    minimum of 4 inches
  22. Treated wood or decay-resistant lumber must be used on structural floor joists in a crawl space when closer than ___ to the ground
    18 inches
  23. Structural girders in a crawl space must be made of treated or decay-resistant lumber when closer than ___ to the ground
    12 inches
  24. Sills or plates which rest on concrete or masonry exterior walls less than ___ above grade must use treated or decay-resistant lumber
    8 inches
  25. If an inspector is only able to enter part of the crawl space, how should he report this
    In need of repair - insufficient clearance; also, was only able to inspect part of the crawl space
  26. Can decorative trim be nailed through EIFS
  27. Where should anchor bolts be located
    within 12 inches of any opening or corner, and 6 feet on center
  28. What minimum size should anchor bolts be
    1/2 inch in diameter
  29. How far should an anchor bolt be embedded
    7 inches
  30. How large do weep holes have to be
    3/16 inch in diameter and spaced no more than 33 inches apart
  31. What is cupping on a foundation
    the tendency of the perimeter of the foundation to rise; usually due to excessive water around the perimeter
  32. What number do you divide the number of square feet in a crawl space by to determine the correct ventilation
    150 unless a vapor barrier is present, then divide the square footage by 300
  33. In expansive soils, drainage from the roof to the ground surface must be at least ___ from the foundation walls if an approved drainage system is not used
    5 feet
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