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  1. What type of wall framing uses long studs that reach from the sill plate to the rafter using a plate to support 2nd story floor joists and has fire stop blocking in floors and walls
    balloon framing
  2. What type of framing system requires that both structural and space separation be completed before construction on the second floor
    platform or western framing
  3. What is the minimum size for a habitable room (not a kitchen)
    70 square feet
  4. Each dwelling unit shall have at least one habitable room that has a minimum ___
    120 square feet
  5. What may be wrong if a crack occurs over each side of a garage door
    an undersized header is one possibility
  6. The maximum that a load bearing wall stud should be notched is ___ percent
    25 percent
  7. The maximum that a non-load bearing wall stud should be notched is ___ percent
    40 percent
  8. What is the maximum span for 24/16 rated 1/2 inch plywood used as subfloor
    16 inches (the number 24 is the span if the plywood is used as roof decking)
  9. What are the minimum dimensions of an egress window in a bedroom
    20 inches wide by 24 inches tall (5.7 square feet - or 5 square feet if it is a ground-level egress window) know the difference!
  10. When the required second exit in a bedroom is a window . . . the sill must not be higher than ___ inches from the finished floor
    44 (p. 9 of Code Check, Fig. 15)
  11. In a non load-bearing wall, what percentage of a stud may be drilled (bored)
    60 percent - Code Check p. 5, Fig. 10
  12. In a load bearing wall, what percentage of a stud may be drilled (bored)
    40 percent
  13. In a load-bearing wall, what percentage of a double stud may be bored (drilled)
    60 percent, and only two double studs in a row my be bored and all holes must be 5/8 inches from the edge
  14. What fraction of a floor joist may be bored
    1/3 in the end one third with a minimum 2" from the top or bottom (notching is only 1/4 in the end one third) - Code Check p. 4, Fig. 8
  15. The minimum ceiling height in a habitable room is ___
    7 ft (84 inches)
  16. The shower walls must be waterproofed to ___ feet from the floor
  17. The door between the living space and the garage must be ___ inches thick, solid core, wood door or a metal door with a fire rating of no less than ___ minutes
    1 3/8; 20
  18. What room may not be adjacent to a garage entry
    a sleeping room
  19. What is the minimum size for a shower stall floor
    30in x 30in = 900 sq inches, or 30 inch diameter if it is a circular design
  20. The maximum riser height on a staircase is ___ inches
    7 3/4; the greatest riser height may not exceed smallest riser height by more than 3/8 inch
  21. What is the minimum landing on each side (inside and outside) of an egress door
    36in x 36in
  22. What is the minimum width of a stairwell
    36 inches
  23. In habitable rooms, windows/glazing must be ___ percent of floor space
  24. What is the wall above the roofline separating condo units called
    firewall, parapet, or party wall
  25. Dwelling units in two-family dwellings shall be separated from each other by a wall that has a minimum ___ fire rating
  26. Where must firestopping be located
    in concealed locations every 10 feet horizontally and vertically (I don't understand this yet; see p. 12, left column of Code Check for details)
  27. Define a parapet wall
    a low protective wall placed on the edge of a roof; that portion of any party wall, ext. wall or firewall that extends above the roofline; serves as a guard at the edge of a balcony or roof
  28. How do you report drywall tape curling
    Answer is too long to put here. Look in your Texas Supplement book, question #100 on top of page 108.
  29. Important: know how to pick out structural parts from a drawing, such as flashing, sill, sole, open flashed valley on a roof, types of framing, etc
    several poorly sketched drawings are in the back of the Exam Study Guide
  30. In a non-load bearing wall, how much may a stud be drilled (bored)
    60 percent
  31. What is the area under a window sill called
    an apron
  32. The minimum width for a stairwell is ___
    36 inches
  33. According to 2006 IRC, a grippable handrail is required if there are ___ or more risers (how many?)
    four or more
  34. If you are in an attic and look down and see an open wall cavity, what should you report
    report as in need of repair - fire block is missing
  35. What is the maximum distance that a gas valve can be from a fireplace
    6 feet and in the same room
  36. What is the minimum hearth extension to the front on a fireplace with an opening of less than 6 sq ft
    16 inches
  37. What is the minimum hearth extension to the front on a fireplace with an opening of 6 sq ft or geater
    20 inches
  38. What is the minimum thickness of a masonry fireplace hearth extension
    2 inches
  39. A fireplace chimney shall not be less than ___ above the point where the chimney passes through the roof
    3 feet
  40. The chimney height must extend ___ feet above the point where it passes through the roof of the building and be at least ___ feet higher than any portion of the building within ___ feet
    3; 2; 10
  41. An inspector does not have to check the ___ of a fireplace/chimney
  42. A cricket is required on a chimney that is greater than ___ wide
    30 inches
  43. What will cause the front of a hearth to discolor
    if it was improperly built or has an inadequate flue size; soot at the front may mean poor drafting
  44. What does the fireplace smoke shelf prevent
    downdrafts from blowing smoke back into the room
  45. You are checking the stairs, deck and porch of a home. What items should you check
    There are too many to list here. Be sure to know them all.
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