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  1. Miminum pavement width to 180º turn, B737
    20.2 meters
  2. Minimum pavement width to 180º turn, B738
    24.1 meters
  3. I forgot FASTEN BELT sign in auto at TOD, what would be happen if landed in this way?
    FASTEN BELT sign will illuminate when flaps or gear are extended.
  4. When EMERGENCY EXIT lights will illuminate automatically?
    switch in ARMED position and DC bus 1 fails or AC power is turned off
  5. Pressing 1 and ENT on FDD key pad...?
    chime will sound, if programmed.
  6. What does mean Class C design cargo comparment with regard to fire?
    Completely confine of a fire with endangering the safety on the airplane or its occupants. These comparments are sealed and pressurized but no fresh air circulation.
  7. Illumination of any OVERWING, DOORS, MASTER CAUTION what does mean?
    related door is not fully closed and locked OR when the flight lock is not engaged, either during T.O. or in flight.
  8. When OVERWING flight lock will lock these doors?
    • 3 of 4 ENTRY/SERVICE doors are closed and
    • either engine is running and
    • A/G logic in air or both thrust levers are advanced and
    • 28 volt DC available (DC power available)
  9. If this OVERWING automatic lock feature fails locked, how I can recognize that?
    • Will illuminated:
  10. When do OVERWING automatic lock feature will illuminate if it fail locked?
    • On ground before takeoff and 30 seconds after landing.
    • That means PSEU light is inhibit in flight and within 30 seconds after landing.
  11. PSEU light illuminated, what does mean?
    • fault detected on PSEU system or
    • an OVERWING exit flight lock fails to disangage when commanded.
  12. When PSEU light would come on?
    Only on ground, before take off and 30 seconds after landing.
  13. Some blankets and passenger seats are on fire, which fire extinguiser can we use?
    • I can use water fire extinguisher (type A) for paper, wood, fabric or similar materials that are burning out.
    • 2 water fire extinguisher onboard on pax cabin (AFT & FWD)
  14. One galley on fire, which extinguisher can we use?
    • Halon 1211 (CBF) (type B & C): oils and electrical
    • 4 onboard (1 on the cockpit, 2 FWD cabin and 1 rear cabin)
  15. P6 circuit breaker panel on fire, which fire extinguisher can we use?
    • Halon 1211 (CBF).
    • We must use 100% oxygen with emergency selected.
  16. FAU said: wind 280 at 43 knots. What that does mean for me?
    • Look out crosswind component and decide.
    • Okay for RWY 31.
    • As wind intensity is 43 knots, do not operate any entry or cargo door.
  17. On ground with doors open and wind 280 at 43 knots, gusts 67 knots. What that mean for me?
    • Firts, close the doors. Do not keep any door open with gusts at or more 65 knots.
    • Second, decide if departure is feasible.
  18. DOORS (any) illuminated in flight, what that mean for me?
    • Fly the airplane.
    • Identify the failure annunciation.
    • Look out CABIN ALT/DIFF PRESS indicator
    • Non normal pressurization would lead to LANSA.
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