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  1. EIFS must terminate at least how many inches above the ground level?
  2. Service drop clearance above a roof with a slope of less than 4:12 is?
  3. clay tile roof should have how much overlap?
  4. Maximum theshold height at exterior doors is how many inches?
  5. Minimum tread depth of a stairway is how many inches?
  6. Minimum pitch of a tile roof is?
  7. What are the results of incomplete combustion?
    1. carbon monoxide 2. pure carbon or soot 3. aldehyde
  8. In a load bearing wall, what percentage of a stud may be drilled (bored)?
  9. The maximum length of a flex connector on an appliance, except the dryer and range, is?
  10. What is the minimum distance between a gas water heater and combustibles?
  11. What is the minimum drain size connection to a commode?
  12. You must GFCI protect all outlets within how many feet of a spa?
  13. How many amps are required to trip a GFCI?
    5 to 8 milliamps
  14. What is the maximum length for a disposal cord?
    36" max 18" min
  15. The minimum size breaker for a dryer is?
    30 amps
  16. What size breaker does an electric range require as a minimum?
    40 amps
  17. wall switches are not allowed with how many feet of a spa?
  18. Treated wood or decay resistent lumber must be used on structural floor joists in a crawl space when closer than how many inches to the ground?
  19. Purlin struts can be a maximum of how many feet long with a minimum angle to struts of how many degrees?
    8ft long and 45degree angle
  20. all flexible cord lengths are 36" to 48" except?
    disposals, microwaves, and vent a hoods
  21. Metal duct hangers are required every how many feet?
  22. What is the minimum size drain for a floor drain?
  23. A forced air furnace should be replaced when what part goes out?
    heat exchanger
  24. what appliances have 240 volts?
    a/c condenser, electric dryer, electric range, electric water heater
  25. What roofing material does not require an underlayment?
    wood shingles
  26. What is the maximum distance of a gas valve to an appliance?
  27. What is the maximum pressure setting for a TPR valve on a water heater?
    150 psi
  28. What rooms have to have GFCI protection?
    kitchen, bathroom, garage, and exterior
  29. Water heaters which depend of the combustion of fuel, shall not be installed without special provisions, in which areas?
    sleeping rooms
  30. When air conditioning equipment is installed above the living space, the auxillary drain line should terminate at?
    a visible location
  31. What are the signs of a bad heat exchanger?
    visible cracks, flame lifting on the burners, absence of flame in sections of the burner chamber, orange or yellow flames, discolored of deformed metal
  32. What color should the flame be on a gas furnace?
  33. In a load bearing wall, what percentage of a double stud may be bored (drilled)?
  34. What is the maximum temperature setting for a TPR on a water heater?
    210 degrees
  35. What is the "drying edge effect" on a foundation?
    occurs when moisture is removed from the soil along the perimeter of a foundation
  36. Bridging refers to the practice of?
    installing bracing between joists to add stiffness to the floor/ceiling
  37. A 30 amp breaker requires a minimum copper conductor size of ? aluminum?
    #10 copper #8 aluminum
  38. What is the maximum distance that a crawl space vent should be located from the corner of a building?
  39. What happens when moisture in the soil freezes?
    the moisture in the soil expands
  40. a perimeter beam and slab poured at the same time as one piece is called a?
    monolithic slab
  41. What is the minimum width of a stairwell?
  42. What is minimum landing on each side of an egress door?
    36" X 36"
  43. A cricket is required on a chimney that is greater than?
    30' wide
  44. What is the term for the type of flashing used where the edge of a shingle roof meets a vertical wall?
    step flashing
  45. What type of foundation is best for weak soils?
    pier and beam
  46. Can decorative trim be nailed through EIFS?
  47. A soil engineer rates potential change of soil volume by?
    plasticity index(PI)
  48. What is the minimum length permitted for a plug in type cord on a trash compactor?
  49. A P-trap should be how many inches off the floor?
  50. What are two types of combustion?
    complete and incomplete
  51. To what does differential deflection refer?
    downwarping or cupping of the foundation
  52. What are the results of complete combustion?
    water vapor and carbon monoxide
  53. To save energy and to avoid burns, a water heater should be set at what temperature range?
    115 to 120 degrees
  54. EIFS stands for?
    Exterior insulated finish systems
  55. The maximum that a load bearing wall stud should be notched is?
  56. Free standing or built in ranges must have a vertical clearance above the cooktop to unprotected combustible material of at least how many inches?
  57. The register of a floor furnace with a horizontal warm air outlet shall not be within how many inches of a wall?
  58. A water heater located where leakage could cause a problem must have a galvanized steel pan that is at least how many inches deep?
  59. At what temperature should you check an oven? What variance is allowed?
    350 degrees. 25 degree variance
  60. The garbage disposal is on a seperate circuit. Does it need to be GFCI protected?
  61. What type of plumbing device is not allowed?
    S trap
  62. Outside or return air for a forced air heating or cooling system may not be taken from?
    closet, bathroom, kitchen, or garage
  63. What is the minimum water pressure for a water heater?
    40 psi
  64. What is the maximum water pressure for a water heater?
    150 psi
  65. What is the maximum temperature that water in a water heater can be before it trips the TPR?
    210 degrees
  66. A gas water heater shall not be installed in which room?
  67. The front of a toilet shall have a minimum of how many inches between the front of the toilet and the opposite wall?
  68. slate shingles may be applied to roofs with a slope of?
    4:12 or higher
  69. What is the purpose of GFCI?
    to reduce shock hazard
  70. What are some signs of differential settlement?
    cracks in interior and exterior walls, floors out of level, doors out of square
  71. What type of framing system requires that both structural and space seperation be completed before construction on the second floor?
    western or platform framing
  72. What is the working space or clearance around an electrical panel?
    30 " wide and 36" in front
  73. Grounding is what kind of protection?
  74. Bonding is what kind of protection?
  75. Ground rods are also referred to as?
  76. What is the function of the fan limit switch?
    controls when the fan turns on and off, and shuts off the burners if the furnace overheats
  77. Sills or plates which rest on concrete or masonry exterior walls less than how many inches above grade must be treated or decay resistent lumber?
  78. Name the four parts of a truss
    upper cord, bottom cord, gusset plate, and web
  79. A wetbar counter receptacle must be GFCI protected within how many feet of the sink?
  80. How many feet must a ground rod be driven into the ground?
  81. In a bathroom, how close to the sink must a receptacle on the wall be?
  82. What is the longest length of plug and cord you would expect to find on an appliance with proper receptacle locations?
  83. What contributes to moss on the exterior of a home?
  84. At what water pressure should you begin to get concerned?
    80 psi
  85. What are the three major components of a forced air furnace?
    burner, blower, and heat exchanger
  86. What are the four main soil classifications?
    sand, silt, clay, and gravel
  87. which type of foundation settlement usually has no appreciable effect of the structure?
    uniform settlement
  88. The chemical reaction between cement and water that causes concrete to harden is called?
  89. What malfunctioning component causes water to continuously drain from the bottom opening of a toilet tank?
    flapper seal
  90. What is the minimum size wire that can be used as a grounding electrode?
    #6 copper
  91. Flooring in front of attic installed mechanical equipment shall be how many inches in width and how many inches deep in front of the service side of the equipment?
    30" and 30"
  92. What malfunctioning component causes an odor around a toilet?
    wax ring
  93. The neutral and ground wire in a subpanel must be?
  94. The function of beams is to_?
    carry the floor and wall loads horizontally to the foundation
  95. A main disconnect with two 60 amp fuses would indicate what amperage rating?
    60 amps
  96. What is not a structural part of the roof framework?
  97. Which type of pipe will rust from the inside out?
    galvanized pipe
  98. What is the maximum span for 24/16 rated plywood used as a subfloor?
  99. Another name for Romex is?
    NM-non metallic
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