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  1. A wire is also called a ?
  2. Water stains along the junction of the foundation wall and the floor most likely indicate
    drain tile problems
  3. On the inspection report, 5F is?
    trash compactor
  4. What is the maximum overcurrent protection for #12 copper wire?
    20 amps
  5. What is the minimum wire size for 30 amps, both copper and aluminum?
    10 copper and 8 aluminum
  6. On the inspection report, what is 4A?
    water supply and fixtures
  7. What contributes to ice damming?
    improper insulation and ventilation
  8. What is the dead load?
    The structure
  9. What is the live load?
    What you put into the structure
  10. What is the clearance for closet lighting?
    recessed lighting is 6 inches and enclosed is 12 inches
  11. What is 3A on the inspection report?
  12. For recessed lighting, what is the clearance to insulation?
  13. A thumping or rumbling noise heard while a gas water heater is firing indicates?
    sediment in the tank
  14. What does a collar tie or a collar beam do?
    Gives rigidity to the rafters and prevents the walls from spreading
  15. What is the minimum attic access opening?
    18 X 24 unless there is mechanical equipment in there. Then it is 22 X 30
  16. How many feet of clearance does the NEC require for the overhead service drop over driveways and yards?
  17. 4 wires ( 3 hot and 1 neutral) indicates?
    3 phase
  18. 3 wires ( 2 hot and 1 neutral) indicates?
    240 volt
  19. 2 wires ( 1 hot and 1 neutral) indicates?
    120 volt
  20. What does the fireplace smokeshelf prevent?
  21. What number do you divide the amount of square footage in crawl space by to determine the correct ventilation?
  22. In areas of expansive soil, drainage from the roof to the ground surface must be at least how many feet from the foundation walls?
  23. 3C on the inspection report is?
    duct system, chases, and vents
  24. An inspector does not have to check the _____ of a fireplace/chimney
  25. The purpose of the SOP adopted by TREC is to _____
    establish the minimum level of inspection service
  26. The maximum riser heighth on a staircase is ?
    7 3/4"
  27. At what point in an A/C cycle does the liquid turn to gas?
    coming out of the evaporator coil
  28. Asphalt shingles can be installed on roofs as low as 2:12 if _______
    the roof is covered with two layers of non-perforated felt paper
  29. What method of attic ventilation is considered to be the most effective?
    combination of soffet vents and ridge vents
  30. Name 4 types of roof systems
    Mansard, Gable, Gambrel, Hip
  31. Your hot water smells like rotten eggs. What would be one way to remove the odor?
    replace the anode
  32. How many bearing points does a truss have?
  33. Most building codes allow ballusters or railings to be a maximum of how many inches apart?
  34. What type of trap is legal under modern code?
    P trap
  35. How is horizontal cast iron pipe vulnerable?
    sewer gas can eat through the top of the pipe
  36. What is a symptom of a water logged pressure tank?
    the pump runs constantly
  37. Which type of plastic piping is blue-gray?
    PB polybutylene
  38. Repeated, visible sagging for a span of 24" in a roof is usually caused by?
    thin plywood sheathing
  39. What type of wall framing uses long studs that reach from the sill plate to the rafter using a plate to support second story joists?
    balloon framing
  40. Wood shingles should be spaced how far apart?
    3/8 "
  41. All residents must have one exit door that is a minimum of ___feet wide and ___ft__inches high.
    3ft 6'8"
  42. Weepholes must be spaced a maximum of how many inches apart?
  43. attics that are equal to or greater than ____inches high and greater than ___square feet require access.
    30 and 30
  44. All doors require ____operation from interior
  45. Hallways must be a minimum of ______inches wide
  46. Skylight curbing must extend how many inches above the roof?
  47. True or false. Openings in crawl spaces must be screened or grated?
  48. Bottom of the sill must be a minimum of ____inches to the ground
  49. What does a drip edge do?
    Protects the parts below it. ( soffet, fascia)
  50. On low sloping roofs, drains must be installed at all low points and secondary drains are required ____ inches above the low point of the roof.
  51. The hearth extension must be ___inches deep and ___inches to each side if the opening is greater than 6 feet
    20 and 12
  52. A copper to steel connection undergoes what kind of reaction?
  53. The hearth extension is a minimum of ___inches deep and ___inches to each side if the opening is less than 6 feet
    16 and 8
  54. What causes water hammer?
    Loose pipes, hydrostatic shock, or instantaneously closing valves
  55. Bathrooms require at least a ___sq ft opening for natural ventilation or a _____fan to the outside
    1 1/2 50 cfm
  56. Openable windows equal to or greater than ___inches and with greater than a ____inch drop off must be a minimum of ____inches above the interior floor or be provided with a window guard.
    4 72 24
  57. Minimum working space in front of a water heater is ____inches.
  58. All egress windows must have a minimum of a ____sq ft of opening
  59. All garage receptacles must be _____ protected
  60. All bedroom receptacles must be ____protected
  61. Clearance for the disconnect at the A/C condenser is a minimum of ____inches wide and ____inches deep
    30 and 36
  62. The circuit minimum for the water heater must be ____% of the nameplate rating
  63. A 125 volt receptacle must be within how many feet of the furnace
  64. The dishwasher and the _____may not be on the same circuit
  65. The disconnect at the A/C condenser must ALWAYS be ___ ____.
    in sight
  66. A receptacle is required behind a corner sink if space behind the sink is ______ deep
    equal to or greater than 18"
  67. Any receptacle serving a kitchen counter must be ______ protected
  68. There must be a minimum of __ small appliance circuits serving countertops
  69. Hallways equal to or greater than ___feet long require a receptacle
  70. Any wall equal to or greater than ___ foot long in a habitable room requires a receptacle
  71. The landing at an exterior door can be one riser height below the threshold if ____
    the door does not swing outward over the landing
  72. The recommended slope of waste plumbing is
    1/4" per foot
  73. Headroom on stairways must be a minimum of
  74. Minimum pipe size for water service is
    3/4 "
  75. Clearance for toilets is
    ___ in front and ___ in side clearance
    21 and 15
  76. The laundry P trap should be how high off the floor?
    6" to 18"
  77. Each dwelling unit shall have at least one habitable room that has a minimum of ____ sq ft
  78. What is the minimum size for a habitable room (not a kitchen)
    70 sq ft
  79. Panel boxes are allowed in ____ or ____
    closets or bathrooms
  80. The drip loop must be a minimum of ___ft off the ground
  81. Service drop clearance above areas accessible only to pedestrians is
  82. Service drop clearance above residential property and driveways is
  83. service drop clearance above public streets and tractor trailer parking is
  84. service drop clearance above a roof with a slope of greater than 4:12 is
  85. Service drop clearance must be maintained past the roof edge for ___ft
  86. Service drop clearance above a roof that is used as a walkable deck is
  87. Service drop clearance should be how many feet below or to the sides of doors and openable windows
  88. Minimum heighth for a guardrail is
  89. What is the most common cause of leaking in flat roofs
    parapet walls
  90. What is the most durable roof covering
  91. When does a built up roof need flood coating
    when tar paper is showing
  92. Where is roof most likely to lead when re-roofing
    at penetrations
  93. On the inspection report, what is 5D
    ranges, cooktops, and ovens
  94. What is 5A on the inspection report?
  95. If two gas appliances are in a single room,
    they must each have their own shut off
  96. What is 4D on the inspection report?
    hydro-massage thereapy equipment
  97. What is 3B on the inspection report?
  98. An overcurrent device is another name for a
  99. The two main components of an air cooled conditioning system are
    evaporator unit and the condensing unit
  100. What is 1D on the inspection report?
    roof structure/attics
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