Rylie - Trivia Week 1

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  1. What is Prehistory?
    Period of human past before writing was invented.
  2. What are the colors of the US flag?
    Red, White, Blue
  3. What is the name of the only national forest in Louisiana?
  4. Which highway runs uninterrupted from the northwestern corner of LA to Grande Isle in the South?
  5. What is culture?
    Way of life of a people
  6. How many stars are there on the US flag?
    50 stars - one for each state
  7. What is the largest US Army installation in LA?
    Fort Polk - near Leesville
  8. This town in St. Martin Parish is known as the "Crawfish Capital of the World?"
    Breaux Bridge
  9. What's population?
    The number of people who live in a given area.
  10. What colors are the stars on the US flag?
  11. How many parishes are in the state of Louisiana?
  12. Why does LA have parishes instead of counties?
    originial counties had same boundaries as the parishes of Catholic Church before LA became a state
  13. What is data?
    information organized for analysis
  14. What do the stars on the flag mean?
    one for each state in the union
  15. What is the lowest point in Louisiana?
    New Orleans - 5 feet below sea level
  16. What is the highest point in Louisiana?
    Mt. Driskill, 535 ft. Bienville Parish
  17. What is language?
    Skill that allows humans to pass along knowledge
  18. How many sripes are there on the US flag?
  19. What is the largest parish in area in the state?
  20. What is the smallest parish in area in the state?
    West Baton Rouge
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