GRE 3rd set of 25 words

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  1. dissonance
    a harsh and disagreeable combination, often of sounds

    EX: Cognitive DISSONANCE is the inner conflict produced when long-stranding beniefs are contraicted by new evidence.
  2. dogma
    a firmly held opinion, often a religious belief

    EX: Linus's central DOGMA was that children who believed in the Great Pumkin would be rewarded.
  3. dogmatic
    dictatorial in one's opinions

    EX: the dictator was DOGMATIC-- he, and only he, was right.
  4. dupe
    to deceive; a person who is easily deceived

    EX: Bugs Bunny was able to DUPE Elmer Fudd by dressing up as a lady bunny.
  5. Eclectic
    selecting from or made up of a variety of sources

    EX: Budapest's architecture is an ECLECTIC mix of Eastern and Western styles.
  6. Efficacy

    The EFFICACY of penicillin was unsurpassed when it was first introduced; the drug completely eliminated almost all bacterial infections for which it was administered.
  7. elegy
    a sorrowful poem or speech

    EX: Although Thomas Gray's "ELEGY Written in a Country Churchyard" is about death and loss, it urges its readers to endure this life and to trust in spirituality.
  8. eloquent
    persuasive and moving, especially in speech

    EX: the Gettysburg Adress is moving not only because of its lofty sentiments but also because of its ELOGENT words
  9. emulate
    to copy; to try to equal or excel

    EX: the graduate student sought to EMULATE his professor in everyway, coping not only how she taught but also how she conducted herself autside of class.
  10. enervervate
    to reduce in strength

    EX: the guerrillas hoped that a series of surprise attackes would ENERVATE the regular army.
  11. enumerate
    to count, list, or itemize

    EX: jMoses returned from the mountian with tables on which the commandments were ENUMERATED
  12. erratic
    wandering and unpredictable

    EX: the plot seemed predictable until it suddenly took a series of ERRATIC turns that suprised the audience
  13. esoteric
    known or understood by onlya few

    EX: Only a handful of experts are knowledgable about the ESOTERIC world of particle physics.
  14. estimable

    EX: Most people consider it ESTIMABLE that Mother Teresa spent her life helping the poor of India.
  15. eulogy
    speech in praise of someone

    EX: His best friend gave the EULOGY, outlining his many achievements.
  16. euphemism
    use of an inoffensive word or phrase in place of a more distasteful one

    EX: The funeral director preferred to use the EUPHENISM sleeping instead of the word dead.
  17. exacerbate
    to make worse

    EX: It is unwise to take aspirin to try to relieve heartburn; instead of providing relief, the drug will only EXACERBATE the problem.
  18. exculpate
    to clear from blame; to prove innocent

    EX: the adversarial legal system is intended to convict those who are guilty and to EXCULPATE those who are innocent
  19. exigent
    urgent;requiring immediate action

    EX: the patient was losing blood so rapidly that it was EXIGENT to stop the source of the bleeding
  20. exonerate
    to clear from blame

    EX: the fugitive was EXONERATED when another criminal confessed to commiting the crime.
  21. explicit
    clearly stated or shown; forthright in expression

    EX: The owners of the house left a list of EXPLICIT instuctions detailing their house-sitter's duties, including a scheduale for watering the house plants.
  22. fanatical
    acting excessively enthusiastic; filled with extreme, unquestionaed devotion

    EX: the stormtroopers were FANATICAL in their devotion to the emperor, readily sacrificing their lives for him.
  23. fawn
    to grovel

    EX: The understudy FAWNED over the director in hopes of being cast in the part on a permanent basis.
  24. florid
    excessively decorated or embellished

    EX: the palace had been decorated in a FLORID style; every surface had been carved and gilded
  25. foment
    to arouse or incite

    EX: the protesters tried to FOMENT feeling against the war through their speeched and demonstrations
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