Elbow and distal humerus

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  1. Region of the Olecranon fossa
  2. Lateral Epycondyle
  3. Olecranon process
  4. Trochlear notch (semilunar)
  5. Trochlear Sulcus
  6. Head of the radius
  7. Neck (of the radius)
  8. Radial tuberosity
  9. Ulna
  10. Radius
  11. Coronoid process
  12. Trochlea
  13. Capitulum (ridge)
  14. region of radial and coronod fossa
  15. Trochlear sulcus
  16. Trochleaer notch of ulna
  17. outer ridges of Capitulum and Trochlea
  18. lateral elbow
    • AP Elbow
    • A. Medial Epicondyle
    • B. Trochlea
    • C. Coronoid tubercle
    • D. Radial head
    • E. Capitulum
    • F. Lateral Epicondyle
    • H. Olecranon process
    • Lateral Elbow
    • G. Superimposed epicondyles of humerus
    • I. Trochlear Sulcus
    • J. Trochlear notch
    • K. Double outer ridges of capitulum and trochlea (capitulum is smaller, trochlea is larger)
    • L. Coronoid process of ulna
    • M. Radial head
    • N. Radila neck
  19. elbow rotation?
    AP (no rotation)- radius and ulna partially superinposed
  20. elbow rotation?
    AP, Lateral rotation- Separation of radius and ulna
  21. elbow rotation?
    Ap, medial rotation- superimposed radius and ulna
    • C. Anterior fat pad
    • D. Posterior fat pad
    • E. Supinator fat pad
  22. greater tubercle
  23. intertubular groove
  24. surgical neck
  25. head of the humerus
  26. anatomic neck
  27. lesser tubercle
  28. deltoid tuberosity
  29. body of humerus
  30. greater tubercle
  31. head of the humerus
  32. lesser tubercle
  33. proximal humerus

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Elbow and distal humerus
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