Oceanography Quiz 1

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  1. Polynesians
    • -stick charts to show waves and currents around islands (shells) from micronesia
    • -settled island off the pacific
  2. Phoenicians
    • -traveled as far as the Indian ocean
    • -meditteranean region
    • -first to take journeys to trade
  3. Greeks
    • pytheas-latitude and longitude using the northern horizon and north star
    • erasthanes- first to accuratly determine the circumference of the earth
  4. Romans (what was significant about the map created by ptolomy)
    used latitude and longitude
  5. Vikings
    (What did eric the red discover)
    (where did leif erikson land)
    • -conquered iceland
    • eric the red discovered greenland
    • erikson landed in Vinland (N America)
  6. Chinese
    • -traveled as far as africa
    • -larger more advanced ships )5 masts, compasses, and charts)
  7. Europeans
    1(who reached southern tip of africa)
    2(where did vasco de gama sail)
    3(where and WHEN did christopher columbus sail)
    4(who was the first to circumnavigate the globe)
    • 1.bartholomea diaz
    • 2. around africa to india (new trade route)
    • 3.san salvador (bahamas), 1492
  8. Captain James Cook
    • -made 3 voyages
    • -made accurate maps with a marine chronometer
  9. Benjamin Franklin
    (what did his nephew do)
    -drew a map of the gulf stream which he printed and distributed in 1777 (helped to shorten voyages)
  10. Matthew Fontaine Maury
    • -known as father of oceanography
    • -standard methods for marine data collecting and recording
    • -first oceanography textbook
  11. HMS challenger
    • -full scale expiation to gather data about marine life
    • -4,717 new species
    • -marianas trench (water depth)
  12. Fridtjof Nansen
    • -sailed on the Fram
    • -sailed across the north pole (did not make his original journey)
    • -no continent existed in the arctic sea
  13. Voyage of the Meteor
    • -1925
    • -sampling stations, depth recorders (ocean floor configurations)
  14. World Wars
    -U-boat led to echo-sounder (sonar)
  15. Afred Wegner
    • -continental drift
    • -1915
    • -pangea
  16. Harry hess
    -seafloor spreading
  17. ROV
    -Remotly opperated vehicles
  18. AUV
    autonomous underwater vehicle
  19. Jacquess Cousteau
    developed SCUBA in 1943
  20. Remote Sensing
    -oceanographic satellites
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