File Systems

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  1. Commands to create file systems
    • mkfs creates and ext 2,3,4, partition
    • mkfs.ext2 creates and ext2 partition
    • mkfs.ext3 creates ext3 parttition
    • mkfs.ext4 creates an ext4 partition
  2. BTRFS
    • snapshots
    • online file system maintenance
    • The ability to roll back ext file systems
    • Improved performance
  3. Creating a Swap
    • mkswap creates a swp device
    • swapon enables a swap space
    • swapoff Disables a swap space
    • dd Wipes or zeroes out an area of the disk
  4. Mounting a File System
    • Mount mounts a file system
    • unmount Unmounts a file system
  5. LUKS
    Linux Unified Key Setup
  6. Types of Encryptions
    • AES
    • CAST5
    • CAST6
  7. File Systems Qutas
  8. Security Setting up ACL
    • getfacl
    • setfacl
  9. GnuPG
    is open source file encryption software
  10. AutoFS
    Automated File System
  11. Difference between ext2 and ext3
    ext3 file system has journaling built into it ext2 file doesnt
  12. file system creation
  13. file system Growth
  14. superblock
    superblock is a structure that contains metadata of the file system
  15. what is a Swap file? isit created a partition or device file?
    A swap file is scratch space on your file systemused as virtual memory. A swap can be created as a partition or device file.
  16. check current mounted file system
    Mount Command
  17. mount file system at Boot
    the /etc/fstab file
  18. Before working with qutas, what do you need to do the file system?
    The file system must be mounted with the usrquota and grpquota
  19. what command do you use to change the permissions on a file or directory? To change ownership?
    chmod command is used to chnage permissions, chown command is used to chnage the ownership of the files and directories.
  20. Soft and hard limits is quotas
    Soft limits acts as a alarm, signaling you when you are reaching your limits. A hard limits is required only when a grace period exists.
  21. command to report information on quota usage
  22. Before you work with ACL's what do you need to do with file system.
    The file system where ACL's will be implemented must be mounted with the ac1 option before ACL's will work properly.
  23. Command to use to view Current ACL's on the file?
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