Elite A 626-750

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  1. inception
    commencement; beginning; origin
  2. oaf
    a stupid, clumsy person
  3. dregs
    the worst part; the sediment in a liquid
  4. immaculate
    perfectly clean
  5. furtive
    characterized by secretive behavior
  6. deem
    to have as an opinion; to consider
  7. compel
    to cause to occur by pressure; to force
  8. unseemly
    not decent or proper
  9. inculcate
    to teach or impress by frequent repetition; to instill
  10. primordial
    living or existing at the very beginning
  11. edifice
    a building; architectural monument
  12. plebeian
  13. deficient
    lacking an essential quality; inadequate in amount or degree
  14. paistaking
    very thorough; careful
  15. desideratum
    something needed and wanted
  16. pernicious
    very harmful or destructive
  17. obstreperous
    noisily and stubbornly defiant
  18. ornate
    highly, oft. excessively decorated
  19. sloth
  20. courteous
    polite and gracious; considerate toward others; well-mannered
  21. confound
    to mix up or lump together indiscriminately; to confuse
  22. emanate
    to send forth; to come forth
  23. domineer
    to rule over arbitrarily or tyrannically
  24. squalid
    having a dirty or lowly appearance
  25. sybarite
    one devoted to luxury
  26. pauper
    one who is extremely poor, esp. one living on public charity
  27. smirk
    to smile in a self-satisfied or artificial way
  28. diligent
    paistaking and steady
  29. fray
    a fight or brawl
  30. impertinent
  31. intercept
    to stop something from reaching its inteded destination
  32. incarcerate
    to restrict by imprisonment; to keep in prison
  33. hovel
    a living place that is very filthy and dirty
  34. conception
    formation of an idea in the mind; the start of pregnancy
  35. bungle
    to handle badly; to botch or mess up
  36. spendthrift
    one who spends money wastefully
  37. benevolent
    characterized by doing good
  38. eulogy
    a speech or written tribute in praise of someone who has died
  39. insolent
    boldly disrespectful in speech or behavior; impertinent; impudent
  40. cite
    to refer to or quote
  41. overweening
    excessively arrogant; overbearing
  42. defile
    to corrupt; to desecrate or sully
  43. shambles
    utter disorder
  44. mare
    a female horse
  45. chaos
    complete disorder
  46. crass
    dull-witted; unrefined
  47. gambit
    a calculated, risky opening move
  48. incipient
    beginning to appear or be noticed
  49. martinet
    one who is strict in discipline, and enjoys authority too much
  50. glean
    to gather bit by bit
  51. quash
    to suppress completely
  52. copious
    very plentiful
  53. profuse
    giving or pouring forth freely; generous
  54. impel
    to push something into motion
  55. altruistic
    unselfish; benevolent; caring more for others than oneself
  56. benefactor
    one who helps and supports others
  57. surfeit
    an excess
  58. cavalier
    casual, disdainful
  59. paroxysm
    a sudden convulsion or outburst; a fit
  60. dour
    stern and humorless; silently ill-humored
  61. glutton
    one who eats too much
  62. genre
    a kind, or type
  63. interate
    established for a long time; habitual
  64. ruthless
    having no comparison or pity
  65. liable
    legally obligated; likely
  66. emancipate
    to give freedom; to set loose
  67. laconic
    brief in speech; using few words
  68. concur
    to agree
  69. mogul
    a rich or powerful person
  70. despoil
    to deprive something of value
  71. circumspect
    showing discretion and careful judgment
  72. jest
    to be playful in speech and actions; to joke
  73. morose
    sour tempered and inclined to be silent
  74. destitution
    the lack of any means of subsistence
  75. fodder
    feed for livestock; a resource
  76. phase
    a stage in a process of change or development
  77. savant
    a well-educated person; a scholar
  78. conflagration
    large, disastrous fire
  79. captious
    critically faultfinding
  80. irk
    to irritate or be wearisome
  81. dirge
    slow, sad music, esp. a funeral hymn
  82. hearsay
    rumor; gossip
  83. assail
    to attack; to assault
  84. ascetic
  85. correlate
    to correspond; to be mutually related
  86. incredulous
    disbelieving; skeptical
  87. profess
    to declare or claim openly
  88. sadistic
    getting pleasure from inflicting physical or psychological pain
  89. obese
    very fat
  90. soliloquy
    a dramatic speech delivered by a character to himself
  91. medley
    a mixture of things not usually placed together
  92. oracle
    a person thought to be a source of wisdom or prophecy
  93. hoax
    an act meant to trick or fool
  94. leeway
    margin; room for freedom of action
  95. disabuse
    to free from error or falsehood
  96. pugilist
    a boxer
  97. lucid
    easily understood, clear
  98. teeming
    overfilled; crowded; pouring out
  99. orthodox
    accepting the usual beliefs, esp. religious
  100. resolute
    firmly determined
  101. naive
    simple; childlike; lacking worldly wisdom
  102. stationary
    not moving
  103. exorbitant
  104. epiphany
    a sudden flash of understanding
  105. disciple
    a follower of another who helps to spread teachings
  106. burnish
    to polish
  107. turbulence
    commotion or wild disorder
  108. petulant
    impatient or irritable, esp. over a minor annoyance
  109. ritual
    a ceremonial act; a customary procedure
  110. macabre
    suggesting the horror of death
  111. dally
    to waste time; loiter
  112. fauna
    animals as a group, esp. of a specified region or time
  113. calumny
    a false and malicious statement; slander
  114. eddy
    a current, as of water or air, moving contrary to the direction of the main current, esp. in a circular motion
  115. didactic
    intended to teach; inclined to teach excessively
  116. exhume
    to dig up out of the ground
  117. ewe
    a female sheep, esp. when full grown
  118. emaciated
    made thin due to starvation
  119. reverberate
    to reecho
  120. precept
    a rule of action or conduct
  121. ado
    trouble; fuss
  122. querulous
    inclined to find falut; complaning; full of complaint
  123. subsequent
    happening afterward; following in order
  124. cynical
    distrusting others from a sense that everyone's motives are selfish
  125. digest
    a collection of previously published material, usu. in condensed form
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