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  1. Goals of CRM
    • Decrease mishap rate
    • optimize crew coordination
    • optimize mission effectiveness
    • maximize ORM
  2. 7 critical skills of CRM
    • "SADCLAM"
    • Situational Awareness (SA)
    • Adaptability/Fleixibility (AF)
    • Decision Making (DM)
    • Communication (CM)
    • Leadership (LD)
    • Assertiveness (AS)
    • Mission Analysis (MA)
  3. 3 phases of msn analysis
    • Preflight Phase
    • InflightPhase
    • Postflight Phase
  4. What order established Crew Resource Management?
    1542 OpNav Instruction
  5. During an emergency what's the first thing you do?
    • UAC contacts ATC
    • cage payload
  6. Who checks on equipment given an emergency
  7. Who tells you if launcher is safe
    Crew Chief or plane captain
  8. How many attempts before PC says launcher is on stand by.
    3. 1 try = stand by, 2 to be considered an LAU failure.
  9. Who is responsible for cutting the engine in a TALS Abort and when?
    AVO after touchdown.
  10. What Servo type failue that software will not override?
  11. What is the primary tool for navigating in a GCS electrical power failure?
  12. What do you not do in an air data sensor failure
  13. How do you keep from climbing when in stuck throttle high?
    increase airspeed - it should nose over
  14. What system won't work in an magnetometer failure?
    heading hold will not work
  15. How do you sever the connection when a Versa Module Eurobus (VME) locks up dduring a VCS (Vic Control Station) Op?
    Shut Data Interface Box (DIB) off
  16. How does TALS ECU send info to AV?
    GCS to DIB (changes to analog signal) to GDT (RF Box receives it)
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