Random Vocabulary

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  1. quixotic
  2. obsequious
    obedient, dutiful
  3. vituperate
    use harsh language
  4. saturnine
    gloomy, bad mood
  5. vitriol
    criticism, bitterness, abuse
  6. tedium
    dullness, monotony, abuse
  7. disparage
    criticize, belittle, abuse
  8. paragon
  9. ingenuity
    cleverness, resourceful
  10. legerdemain
    deceit, cunning, dishonest
  11. obliterate
    destroy, abolish, expunge
  12. adherent
    a supporter, follower
  13. outfox
    outsmart, defeat, excel
  14. diffident
    hesitant, unconfident, shy
  15. phlegmatic
    unemotional, calm, apathetic
  16. enervate
    weaken, wear out, tire
  17. imprecation
    curse, blasphemy
  18. opprobrium
  19. noisome
    immoral, bad offensive
  20. cupidity
    greed, strong desire
  21. cosset
    caress, spoil, fondle, love
  22. loquacious
  23. satiate
    satisfy, stuff completely
  24. foment
    instigate, provoke, excite
  25. voluble
    articulate, garrulous
  26. lachrymose
    mournful, crying, sad
  27. stolid
    apathetic, stupid, dull, blunt
  28. torpor
    lethargy, apathy, sloth
  29. bawdy
    vulgar, rude, obscene
  30. abet
    assist, advocate, encourage
  31. panegyric
    laudatory, award, complimentary
  32. prolix
    wordy, lengthy, verbose
  33. pithy
    brief, concise, laconic
  34. contrition
    regret, sorrow, guilt
  35. penitent
    a person who confesses sin
  36. sage
    a wise person
  37. sanguine
    cheerful, optimistic
  38. dubious
    doubtful, vague, equivocal
  39. probity
  40. termerity
    rashness, audacity
  41. trepidation
    anxiety, worry, apprehension
  42. indemnity
    protection against loss or damage
  43. pernicious
    bad, hurtful
  44. mercurial
    changeable, volatile, capricious, flighty
  45. puerile
    juvenille, silly, youthful
  46. countermand
    cancel, annul
  47. exhume
    dig up
  48. ineffable
    beyond words
  49. variegate
    diversify, vary
  50. felicitous
    appropriate, suitable
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