Naruto Book 1 pt. 2

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  1. 내디디다
    step forward, advance
  2. 나참
    sigh, dumfounded
  3. 후회 하다
    regret, repent
  4. 중요서류
    important documents
  5. 승부
    contest, bout, round
  6. 제길
  7. 함정
    a trap, pitfall
  8. 설치하다
    install, set up
  9. 도련님
    young gentleman, (as addressed by servants)
  10. 더불어
    against (contest)
  11. 게다가
    in that place, location
  12. 가정교사
    private tutoring
  13. 분명
    clearly, obviously
  14. 수작
    elevate to peerage, make a peer
  15. 부리다
    manage, use
  16. (that time) since; from the time when
  17. 자빠지다
    tumble down, fall over
  18. 멈칫하다
    stop, halt
  19. 짜샤
    dude, man
  20. 은신하다
    hiding oneself
  21. 간파하다
    see through (a fraud)
  22. 소문
    rumor, gossip
  23. ~대로
    true to
  24. 사나이
  25. 부하
    subordinate; a follow
  26. 쓰러뜨리다
    overthrow, bring down
  27. 갈키다
    가르치다 to teach
  28. 두목
    leader, boss
  29. 어라
  30. 기르다
    train, develop
  31. 꽃아가다
    go in pursuit
  32. 기습
    sneak out
  33. 살씬
    slender, slim
  34. 후보
  35. 키우다
    bring up, raise
  36. 지름길
  37. 덤비다
    challenge to a fight, go at, attack
  38. 불구하고
  39. 담기다
    be filled
  40. 취급하다
    deal with, handle
  41. 당장
    • here and now, at once
    • 지금당장
  42. 담다
  43. 간단한
    simple, easy
  44. 제대로
    properly, without a hitch
  45. 제출하다
    present, submit
  46. 들뜨다
    come undone, grow restless
  47. 이루다
    accomplish, complete
  48. 이래
    (from) that time on, ever since
  49. 정하다
    arrange, be resolved ((to do))
  50. 어기다
    go against, violate
  51. 엄한
    strict, stern
  52. punishment
  53. 따라서
    consequently, accordingly
  54. 다행스런
    lucky, fortunate
    • fresh from, newly
    • [갓 태어난 아기]
  55. 그리한
    like that
  56. 그릇
    container, vessel
  57. 커녕
    anything but, not at all, not to speak of...
  58. 대하다
    see, face, treat
  59. 태도
  60. 전하다
    tell, pass on
  61. 정도
    degree, extent
  62. 멸시하다
    despise, contempt
  63. 존재
  64. will, (soul)
  65. 이치
    (good) reason, principle
  66. 통하다
    to get through
  67. 천박한
    shallow, superficial
  68. 신사
  69. 저속한
  70. 결코
    by no means, definitely not
  71. 복합
    mix, composite
  72. 쓰잘데기
    can't use
  73. 제기랄
  74. ~조차
    even, in addition
  75. 빼앗다
    take, snatch, usurp
  76. 투성이
    filled with, covered with
  77. 방황하다
    wonder, roam
  78. 간신히
    with difficulty
  79. 각오하다
    ready, prepared, resolute
  80. ~해두다
    [do carefully, one time?]
  81. 물리다
    clear, take away
  82. 듯이
    one way or the other
  83. ~대고
    unceasingly, without letup
  84. 진정한
    authentic, genuine
  85. 지다
    grow (smile), become
  86. 곤란

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naruto learn korean manga book first

learn Korean though manga. I've made a list of most of the words that I don't know. It's a slow method, but I hope it'll work.
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