Naruto Book 1 pt. 1b

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  1. 감춘
    hidden, keep out of sight
  2. 발견
    discovery, chance upon
  3. 들키다
    be found out, discovered
  4. 익히다
    make oneself function with, practice
  5. 온몸
    whole body
  6. 엉망진창
    bad shape -- mud
  7. 도대체
    in the world; (what, how, why) on Earth(hell)?
  8. 성공하다
    succeed, come out well
  9. 일러주다
    let know, inform
  10. 잘도
    잘, a little sarcastic, (an expected event)
  11. 알아내다
    discover, locate
  12. 내놓다
    let go of
  13. 건네주다
    hand over to, give
  14. 인술
    healing, medicine
  15. 위험
    danger, risk
  16. 넣다
    put, set down
  17. 의미
    meaning, significance
  18. 규칙
  19. 결로
    definitely, absolutely not, by no means
  20. 정체
    real form
  21. (그만) 두다
    leave, keep
  22. 양친
    one's parents
  23. 동경하다
    longing, yearning
  24. 속다
  25. 미움
    hatred, enmity
  26. 쿨럭
    cough sound
  27. 줄곧
    all the time, constantly
  28. 따위
    and so on, et cetera
  29. 이목을 끌다
    • to attract public attention
    • ( 이목 = ear & eye)
  30. 형태
    form, a shape
  31. 존재가치
    • the value of one's existence
    • 존재 existence -- 기치 value
  32. 괴롭다
    painful, tormenting
  33. 쓸쓸한
    lonely, desolate
  34. 나머지
    remainder, the remnants
  35. 낫다
    be better than, excel
  36. 골라하다
    choose to do.
  37. 신경
  38. 유감
    regrettable, lamentable
  39. 복수
  40. 발견하다
    detect, spot, come across
  41. 수정구
    crystal ball
  42. 떠벌리다
  43. ~대다니
    a speaking style....?
  44. 상당히
    fairly, considerably
  45. 불안정한
  46. 상태
    state, situation
  47. 해방
    release, emancipation
  48. 자력
    one's own strength/ effort
  49. 가능성
    possibility, potentiality
  50. after the lapse of time, interet.
  51. 노리다
    be after, have an aim at
  52. 과연
    as expected
  53. 원수
    enemy, object of one's grudge
  54. 넘겨주다
    transfer, deliver, give up
  55. 마찬가지
    the very same, one and the same
  56. 이룩다
    accomplish, attain
  57. (good) reason, possibility
  58. ~는 대로
    as much as possible
  59. 본심
    one's real inentions
  60. 우수한
  61. 노력
  62. 외곬수
    a single way/track
  63. 표현하다
  64. 서투르다
    be unskilled, clumsy
  65. 요리하다
    handle, defeat
  66. intention
  67. 건방치다
  68. punch
  69. ~배
    double, x times.
  70. 갚다
  71. 잔상
    after image
  72. 실체
    solid, substance
  73. 어쩌다
    by chance
  74. 눈을 떠다
    open eyes
  75. ~겸
    and (also); in addition; as well
  76. 설교하다
  77. 참다
    to tolerate
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