Naruto Book 1 pt. 4,5

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  1. 가만히
    still, quiet
  2. 말리다
    persuade a person (not to do)
  3. 장래
    future, the time to come
  4. 하여튼
    anyhow, anyway, in any case
  5. 결국
    after all, in the end
  6. 온통
    entirely, altogether, everything
  7. 과연
    as expected, sure enough
  8. 야망
  9. 부흥
    restore, revive
  10. 처치하다
    dispose of, remove
  11. suddenly, in a flash
  12. 상대
  13. 그리
    to that extent, in that way
  14. 단순한
    simple, plain
  15. 우습다
    laughable, amusing
  16. 하위
    lower rank, subordinate
  17. 겨우
    no more than
  18. 탈락
    eliminated people
  19. 소용
    usefulness, use
  20. 가능성
    possibility, potential
  21. 뽑다
    extract, collect
  22. 여부
    yes or no, whether or not
  23. 판단하다
    judge, decide
  24. 거르다
    skip, omit
  25. 토하다
  26. 자세한
    detailed, in-depth
  27. 시련
    trial, test
  28. 강렬한
    strong, intense
  29. 여념(없다)
    earnest, with one's whole heart
  30. 통나무
  31. ~행
    (bound) for; destination
  32. 실패
    failure, a miss
  33. 간주하다
    regard, think of, consider
  34. 실격
    eliminated, disqualified
  35. that is (to say); in other words
  36. 최저
    the lowest, lowermost
  37. 마음가짐
    resolve, determination
  38. 피하다
    escape, evade, dodge
  39. 엉터리
    something cheap & shabby
  40. 요란한
    noisy, disorderly, (commotion)
  41. 서울다
    hasten, rush, be impatient
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