US History 2

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  1. Define Wolf Pack. What country were U-boats able to easily attack?
    Wolf Pack was a tactic in which submarines hunt at night. U-boats were able to easily attack the U.S.
  2. Who was sent to internment camps? Why? What were the conditions of the camps like?
    American Japanese were sent to the internment camps because Americans thought the Japanese would engage in sabatoge. Conditions in the camps were similiar to the Holocaust.
  3. Define the Holocaust.
    Genocidal campaign of the Nazis against the Jews during World War II
  4. Who was Erwin Rommel? What country were U-boats able to easily attack?
    He was a German General who led forced into Africa. His was nicknamed "Desert Fox". He was trying to gain control of Lybia.
  5. What is the United Nations? What is its purpose? What two countries did the U.N. help to rebuild.
    United Nations is an international organization that encourages cooperation to improve conditions around the world by preventing future wars. It helped to rebuild Europe and Japan.
  6. Define V-E Day? What day and year did it occur?
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