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  1. Arizona
    No antiradiation missiles remaining.
  2. Chattermark
    • Begin using briefed radio procedures to counter
    • communications jamming.
  3. Hold fire
    • An emergency fire control order to stop firing on a designated
    • target, to include destruction of any missiles in-flight.
  4. Joker
    • Fuel state above BINGO at which separation / bugout / event
    • termination should begin.
  5. Playtime
    • Amount of time aircraft can remain on station, given in hours
    • plus minutes (e.g., ONE PLUS THIRTY equals one hour and thirty minutes).
  6. Magnum (system/location)
    Launch of friendly antiradiation missile.
  7. Remington
    • No ordnance remaining except gun or self-protect
    • ammunition.
  8. Sunshine
    Illuminating target with artificial illumination.
  9. Thunder
    One minute until A/S weapons impact.
  10. Winchester
    No ordnance remaining.
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