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  1. What NAVPERS form is used to document Unauthorized Absences?
    NAVPERS 1070/606 or Page 6 (MILPERSMAN-{1070-300})
  2. What NAVPERS form is used to document Enlistment\reenlistment?
    DD form 4/1 (MILPERSMAN-{1070-230})
  3. What NAVPERS form is used to document history of assignment?
    Page 5 NAVPERS 1070/605 (MILPERSMAN-{1070-290})
  4. What NAVPERS form is used to document enlisted classification?
    Page 4 NAVPERS 1070/604 (MILPERSMAN-{1070-280})
  5. What is the maximum amount of time a CO has to send out a letter following notification of an active duty death?
    24 in CONUS and 48 overseas (NAVMEDCOMINST 5360.1, DECEDENT AFFAIRS MANUAL; CHAP 2
  6. What vitamins are used for eye conditions?
    Retinol (VITAMIN A) NAVEDTRA 14295A CHAPT 13
  7. If microwave/thawing boxes are not available, what method would you use to thaw foods?
    Submerged under running water below 70 degrees F (P-5010 chapter 1)
  8. Incubation period for Gonorrhea?
  9. What minimum of your base pay can be contributed to Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)?
    1% (OPNAVINST 1740.5B financial management)
  10. If a sailor fails the PRT then makes rank what action is taken?
    Hold promotion and frocking (OPNAVINST 6110.1h physical readiness program)
  11. After failing second PRT what action can be taken by direction of the commanding officer?
    Page 13, PIMS, and counseling (P-117 chapter 23)
  12. In the service record on what page is prior duty stations recorded?
    Page 5 (NAVEDTRA 14295A CHAPT 18)
  13. In the service record on what page is the date you completed training documented?
    Page5 (P-117 chapter 23)
  14. In the service record on what page is the documentation of UA recorded?
    Page 6 (P-117 chapter 23)
  15. How many prescriptions can be put on a DD form 1289?
    1 (P-117 chapter 21 sec 3)
  16. When monitoring a space how much mercury can you inhale?
    0.05 milligrams per cubic meter (BUMEDINST 6260.30)
  17. When underway, where do you fly the Union Jack and at what times?
    Flown on the jackstaff when moored or at anchor from 0800 to sunset for colors (from yardarm) and during General Court Martial (BMR chapter 9)
  18. When is a pregnant service member no longer required to do the PFA?
    Upon confirmation of pregnancy (OPNAVINST 6110.1)
  19. What bacteria is syphilis?
    Spirochetal bacteria CCDM
  20. A high WBC indicates what?
    Leukocytosis/Infection (NAVEDTRA 14295A- CHAPT 19)
  21. What lab test is readily available to check for presence of infection?
    Urine is “readily” available to test for infection (CHAP. 19 NAVEDTRA 14295A)
  22. How do you clean a gas mask?
    Inside out with soap and warm water (P-5010 chapter 9)
  23. Following a chemical attack how do you clean cuts or open wounds?
    Dry agents; Brush of any excess “powder” the flush with copious amounts of water and treat symptomatically to specific agent. (NAVMEDP-5042, treatment of biological warfare agent casualties)
  24. If your camp is approached by a large raccoon foaming at the mouth, you may encounter what kind of threat?
    Zoological (P-5010 chapter 8)
  25. What shipboard manual do you look in for pest concerns?
    NAVMED P 5010
  26. What medication do you use for severe malaria?
    Chloroquine Gluconate or Quinine Dihydrochloride (NAVMEDCOMINSTA 6230.2 Malaria prevention and control)
  27. What type of memo is used for an agreement between one command and another?
    MOU memo of understanding (SECNAV M.5216.5 CHAPT 10)
  28. What document is used to issue changes to instructions?
    Change transmittal (OPNAVINST 5215.17 CHAPT 6)
  29. What are the two types of directives?
    Permanent and temporary (OPNAVINST 5215.17 CHAPT 6)
  30. Where do you label Top Secret documents?
    Top center and bottom center SECNAV M.5216.5 CH. 10
  31. What is the only date format used for the purpose of text in correspondence?
    Standard navy letter format SECNAV M.5216.5 CH. 2
  32. Who issues grave stones or markers?
    VA (NAVMEDCOMINST 5360.1 decedent affairs manual chapter 2)
  33. What is the CACO?
    Casualty assistance call officer (NAVMEDCOMINST 5360.1 decedent affairs manual chapter 2)
  34. What type of CBR agent causes rhinorhea, vomiting, and pinpoint pupils?
    Nerve agent (NAVMEDP-5041, treatment of chemical warfare agent casualties)( NAVEDTRA 14295A CHAPT 23)
  35. What are the fat soluble vitamins?
    A,D,E, and K (NAVEDTRA 14295A CHAPT 13)
  36. What is the recommended intake of cholesterol per day?
  37. What is SRB?
    Reenlistment bonus
  38. What is the instruction for disposal of hazardous material?
    OPNAVINST 5100.28
  39. What flag is used for general ship recall?
    PAPA (BMR) CH. 4
  40. What flag is used during underway replenishment?
    BRAVO (BMR) CH. 4
  41. What is used to wash out a wound after exposure to a nerve agent?
    Soap and water (NAVMEDP-5042, treatment of biological warfare agent casualties)( NAVEDTRA 14295A CHAPT 23)
  42. What is the Bowie Dick test used for?
    They are used to detect adequate air removal in prevacuum sterilizers. (NAVEDTRA 14295A CHAPT 10)
  43. What are the Tactical triage categories?
    immediate, Delayed, Minimal, Expectant (NAVEDTRA 14295A CHAPT 21)
  44. What is the deadliest type of malaria?
    Plasmodium Fulciparum malaria (NAVMEDCOMINST 6230.2)
  45. What type of bacteria/organism is likely to be seen single, or clumped together under a microscope?
    Cocci/ Coccus (NAVEDTRA 14295A CHAPT 13)
  46. What is the max amount of fat to be consumed in one day?
    70 grams of fat (with a 2000 cal diet)- (NEDTRA 14295A CHAPT 13)
  47. What is the mercury control instruction?
    BUMEDINST 6260.30
  48. What is the infections waste control instruction?
    BUMEDINST 6280.1
  49. What does NAVOSH stand for?
    Naval occupational safety and health (OPNAVINST 5100.19)
  50. For a person with a head/spine/neck injury what position do you put them in?
  51. What does a patient commonly experience with NUG and periodontitis?
    Necrosis and ulceration of the interadental papillae or gingival margin, painful, bright marginal gingival that bleed upon gentile manipulation and halitosis. (dental vol. 1)
  52. What is used to report a sexual assault?
    • NAVPERS 1752/1 (SECNAVINST 1752.4 sexual assault prevention and response)
    • When at half mast how is the national ensign lowered?
    • Raise the flag smartly and lower ceremoniously.( BMR Chapter 9)
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