Anatomy and Physiology

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  1. Anastomosis
    • communication
    • between two structures, such as blood vessels
  2. Aorta
    The largest artery; carries blood out of the left ventricle of the heart.
  3. Arteriole
    Vessel between a small artery and a capillary
  4. Artery
    Vessel that carries blood away from the heart
  5. Capillary
    Microscopic vessel through which exchanges take place between the blood and tissues.
  6. Endothelium
    Epithelium that lines the heart, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels.
  7. Pulse
    Wave of pressure in the vessels produced by contraction of the heart.
  8. Sinusoid
    Enlarged capillary that servesa blood channel
  9. Sphygmomanometer
    Device used to measure blood pressure blood pressure; blood pressure apparatus or cuff.
  10. vasoconstriction
    Decrease in the diameter of the blood vessel.
  11. Vasodilation
    Increase in the diameter of the blood vessel.
  12. vein
    Vessel that carries blood toward the heart.
  13. Vena Cava
    A large vein that carries blood into the right atrium of the heart; superior vena cava or inferior vena cava.
  14. Venous sinus
    Large channel that drains deoxygenated blood
  15. Venule
    Vessel between a capillary and a vein.
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