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  1. Discuss the conditions that lead to the formation of the U.S. Navy?
    The king of England allowed the colonies to trade only with England. English Parliament passed several tax laws that affected the colonists in a problem known as "taxation without representation".
  2. What was the date of the first congress meeting?
    This first congress met in 5 September 1774.
  3. What is the Navy’s birthday?
    The U.S. Navy has its birth on 13 October 1775.
  4. Name the qualities of the Navy/Marine Corps team.
    • Readiness
    • Flexibility
    • Sustainability
    • Mobility
  5. Discuss the creation of the Seabees.
    The Navy realized that, in the event of war, civilian contractors and construction workers could not be used very well outside our own country. As they were attacked and attempted to defend themselves, these civilians could be regarded as guerrillas.
  6. What happened on March 5th, 1942 in the navy?
    Seabees were created
  7. What was the most significant part of the invasion of Normandy?
    The largest amphibious operation in history.
  8. Discuss the conditions that led up to the creation of EOD?
    The Navy’s Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs) were created when bomb disposal experts and Seabees teamed together in 1943 to devise methods for removing obstacles from beaches.
  9. When was the first UDT combat mission?
    Saipan in June 1944
  10. What is EOD’s PRIMMARY mission?
    Primary mission is to handle, defuse, and dispose of munitions and other explosives
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