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  1. Setting is the __ and ____ of a story, play or narrative poem.
    time, place
  2. The setting is usually described in the _____________ of the story.
  3. Setting often contributes to a works __________ effect.
  4. Setting can also play an important part in the ________ especially when the conflict is between a charactre and __________.
    • plot
    • nature
  5. A character is a _________, or an __________ in a story, play, or other literary work.
    person, animal
  6. Characters help the writer reveal some truth about ___________ nature.
  7. Some __________ become famous and are read about and recognized over many generations.
  8. Creating characters is an ______ but ______ part of writing.
    • important
    • difficult
  9. To bring a character to life, the writer must first be able to ___________ the character.
  10. Next, he must picture the character's ____________.
  11. Finally, the writer must invent a whole ________ for the character.
  12. The way a writer reveals character is called __________.
  13. Characters are introduced to readers by both _________ and ___________.
    • telling
    • showing
  14. The _____ character in a story almost always undergoes a significant _____ in the story.
    • main
    • change
  15. A character who changes in this way is called a _____ character.
  16. A character who doesn't change much is called a ________ character.
  17. A dynamic character may _____ in some way, _____ in understanding, make an important ______, or take a _____ action.
    • grow
    • gain
    • decision
    • crucial
  18. Conflict is a _____ between opposing forces or opossing characters.
  19. Three types of _______ conflicts are as follows:
    _______ vs ________ (list 3)
    • external
    • man vs man = two people fighting
    • man vs nature= trying to survive in nature
    • man vs society = pedia
  20. In contrast, and ____________ conflict takes place within a character's own mind.
  21. It is the _________, or struggle, that gives any story its energy and makes it interesting.
  22. Theme is the general _____ or insight about _____ that a work of literature reveals.
    • idea
    • life
  23. A theme is the idea or _____ that the writer wishes to convey about eh ______
    • message
    • subject
  24. Themes are usually not stated _____.
  25. MOst often the reader has to think about all the elements of the work and use them to make an _____, or educated guess, about what the themes are.
  26. Plot is the series of _____ that make up a story.
  27. Plot is what ____ in a short story, novel, play or narrative poem.
  28. The five parts of any good plot are the ______ or introduction, the ____ or problem, the _____ or rising action, the _____ or turning point, and the _)____, where the story is brought to a close.
    • exposition
    • conflict
    • complications
    • climax
    • resolution
  29. Some modern literature ____ some parts of the traditional plot.
  30. Some writers build _____ as a way to lead up to the climax.
  31. When a plot is well mapped out, it keeps us _____ by making us _____ about what will happen next.
    • reading
    • curious
  32. Know how to label the plot pryamid.
    • climax
    • complications resolution
    • exposition
    • conflict
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