physical geography

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  1. Imaginary lines that determine distance from the Equator
  2. Imaginary lines that determine distance from the Prime Meridian
  3. Latitude lines are also known as
  4. Longitude lines are also known as
  5. When writing latitude and longitude coordinates what three things must you include?
    1) latitude always comes before longitude

    2) a direction, unless you are at the Equator or Prime Meridian

    3) a degree sign
  6. Which of the following is/are not a body of water?
    a) archipelago
    b) strait
    c) gulf
    d) delta
    archipelago and delta

    An archipelago is a chain of islands like Hawaii, the Florida Keys, Japan, Indonesia.

    A delta is both land and water. Found at the mouth of a river like the Nile, Mississippi, and Volga, a delta is created by the river as it cuts paths and deposits sediment and rockto the larger body of water.
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