Geo Module 4 Review II

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  1. Which Association has brought a new level of regional cooperation to Southeast Asia with a goal of independence and world influence?
    ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)
  2. These Southeast Asian people rebelled against Burmese government to gain independence but got their territory overrun by the army.
    The Karen
  3. Southeast Asia has great air quality
  4. Name the major rivers of Southeast Asia
    • Mekong
    • Irrawaddy
    • Red
    • Chao Phraya
  5. What is a shortfall of the Khorat Plateau?
    • thin poor soils
    • water shortages
  6. What do Southeast Asian monsoon winds bring?
    • hot and rainy may to october
    • hot and dry november to april
  7. What are insular environments?
    regions of countless islands
  8. How many islands does Indonesia have?
  9. How many Islands do the Phillipines have?
  10. These are tropical hurricanes that bring heavy rainfall to the northern reaches of insular Asia
  11. These parts of Southeast Asia experience higher temperature and rainfall than the mainland
    the Islands
  12. volcanic soil is highly infertile
  13. Where are there dense populations in Southeast Asia?
    • river deltas
    • coastal areas
    • volcanic soil areas
  14. This system is dubbed "slash and burn" and is practice in Southeast Asian upland regions
    Swidden System
  15. What is the mountainous area of Southeast Asia called?..why?
    • the Golden Triangle
    • cuz of large opium production
  16. What type of crops did Southeast Asia support during the Colonial period?
    Cash Crops (sugar cane, rice, rubber,...)
  17. What crops do Southeast Asia support today?
    tea and copra
  18. what is copra?
    dried coconut meat
  19. What were the lowlands of mainland Southeast Asia used for?
    rice cultivation
  20. Why does Laos have the highest feritility rate in Southeast Asia?
    low development
  21. Which country has the largest population in Southeast Asia?
  22. This is the relocation of people from one region to another within a national territory
  23. This country has an official policy of transmigration
  24. These are single large urban settlements that overshadow all others
    Primate cities
  25. When was the first major South Asian influence brought to Southeast Asia?
    2000 years ago
  26. When was the second wave of South Asian influence brought to Southeast Asia and what was it?
    Theravada Buddhism (13th century)
  27. Indonesia is the world's most populous muslim country
  28. When did Islam come to Southeast Asia and who brought it?
    • 1200 CE
    • Muslim merchants
  29. Southeast Asia highly supports and promotes religion
  30. How many major linguistic groups exist in Southeast Asia?
  31. What is a lingua franca?
    language used for trading
  32. Which language is the lingua franca for Southeast Asia
  33. What is the national language of Cambodia?
  34. Name four of the major language groups in Southeast Asia
    • Austonesian
    • Tibeto-Burman
    • Tai-Kadai
    • Mon-Khmer
  35. How many geopolitical states makeup ASEAN?
  36. Who were the first to arrive for the colonization of Southeast Asia?
  37. Who was the last colonial influence in Southeast Asia?
  38. Which Southeastern Island was not under colonial rule by the 1900s?
  39. Which country had the largest empire in Southeast Asia by the 1900s?
  40. What did the Geneva Agreement in 1954 do to Vietnam?
    Partitioned it into 2 halves
  41. What did the U.S. use to justify sending troops to Southeast Asia (mostly Vietnam)
    the Domino Theory
  42. What did the Domino Theory say?
    That Vietnam falling to communism would cause the rest of S.E. Asia to follow
  43. This was a major independence movement in Indonesia
    East Timor independence
  44. What threatened democracy in Thailand and when?
    a coup back in 2006
  45. Which islands in Southeast Asia do many nations lay claim to?
    Spratly and Paracel islands
  46. Which organization has helped solve most S.E. Asian border disputes?
  47. What caused living standards to decline in the phillipines in the 80s and 90s?
    a population that outpaced it's economic growth
  48. This type of capitalism warrants that success in business is dependent on close relationships between businessmen and govt. officials
    Crony Capitalism
  49. This is a port city where goods are imported, stored, and transshipped
  50. This SE state transformed itself from an entrepot to one of the most modern in the world
  51. Thailand is best known for what type of tourism?
    Sex Tourism
  52. What economic model does Vietnam follow?
    The Chinese economic model
  53. Describe the Chinese economic model
    embraces market economics while retaining forms of communism
  54. Which region has the weakest economy in SE Asia?
    East Timor
  55. Why does Burma have great economic potential?
    • abundant natural resources
    • fertile farmland
    • trading with China and SE Asia neighbors
  56. Outside Singapore workers enjoy "incredibly high" wages
    False "miserably low"
  57. Movements are being made to pressure multinational corporations in Singapore to improve working conditions
  58. SE Asian countries have great university and technical education
  59. Literacy rates are relatively high in SE Asian countries
  60. This is a sweeping collection of islands reaching from New Guinea and New Zealand to Hawaii
  61. Which are the largest countries in Oceana?
    Australia and New Zealand
  62. This is Autralia's thinly settled, huge, dry interior
  63. These are dubbed "the Dark islands"
  64. These are dubbed "the Many Islands"
  65. These are the "small islands"
  66. What are some environmental risks faced in Oceania?
    • Seismic hazards
    • periodic droughts
    • tropical cyclones
  67. Which specific exotic animals led to the extinction of some native Oceania species?
    rabbits, brown tree snake
  68. How many landform regions does Australia have?
  69. Name Australia's landform regions
    • Western Plateau
    • Interior Lowland Basins
    • Great Dividing Range
  70. What geologically active region does New Zealand lie on?
    "Pacific Rim of Fire"
  71. Describe Australia's climate in terms of center and north
    • Arid center
    • monsoon rains in North during summer; dry winters
  72. How many species of marsupials inhabit Australia and New Zealand?
  73. Which animal is Aurstralia and New Zealand's only native mammal?
  74. What produced Australia's animal kingdom?
    Isolation and genetics
  75. Oceania is in no way "seismically active"
    False..highly active
  76. Most Polynesian and Micronesian islands originated from volcanic activity
  77. These are formed from recently geologically active volcanoes that rise to considerable height
    High Islands
  78. This is an active area where moving oceanic crust passes over a supply of magma from Earth's interior, creating a chain of volcanic islands
    Hot Spot
  79. Thes are low, sandy islands ringed by coral and often oriented around a central lagoon
  80. High islands in Oceania get more moisture than lower islands
  81. 70% of New Zealand's population live on North Island
  82. This is the name for ancestors of Australia's native population that made their way into the country 40,000 years ago
  83. When was Eastern Melanesia settled?
    3,500 years ago
  84. Oceanic countries closer to Asia's landmass were settled first
  85. Which Oceania countries were settled 2000 years ago?
    • New Caledonia
    • Fiji islands
    • Samoa
    • Micronesia
  86. When did settlement reach New Zealand, Hawaii, and Easter Island?
    800 A.D
  87. Colonization in this Oceanic country began in 1788 with the British Penal Colony
  88. When did U.S. move toward Hawaii?
  89. What is viticulture?
    grape cultivation
  90. Australia's land is perfect for farming
    False..too dry
  91. What is the ratio of Livestock to People in New Zealand?
    20 to 1
  92. What are some subsistence crops in rural Oceania?
    • root crops
    • coconut palms
    • bananas
    • coffee
  93. What are some commercial agricultures in rural Oceania?
    • coconut
    • cocoa
    • coffee
  94. Australia and New Zealand have high birthrates
  95. These are an isolated band of hunters and gatherers with 250 languages that live in Australia
  96. What are today's aborigines like?
    Chrisian, city-workers, that speak english
  97. %70 of Australians have English or Irish roots
  98. What policy did Australia enact in the past favoring European and North American immigration?
    "White Australia Policy"
  99. This is the dominant culture in New Zealand
  100. Most languages of Oceania are Austronesian
  101. Which Oceanic country may hold the last "uncontacted peoples" on Earth?
    New Guinea
  102. Describe Melanesian society
    fewer than 500 people and based on farming
  103. Describe Polynesian society
    class-based with violent warfare until the arrival of Europeans
  104. These are light-skinned American and European foreigners in Oceanic countries who profited from commercial sugarcane plantation and Pacific shipping contracts
  105. This is a largely English vocab that is blended with Melanesian grammer
    Pidgin English
  106. Why was Pidgin English developed in Oceania?
    to facilitate trade among the islands
  107. These states in Oceania retain special political and economic ties with Western countries
  108. This bill compensated Aborigines for already ceded lands, gave them rights to gain title to unclaimed lands still occupied, and entitiles dealings with mining companies on native-settled areas
    Native Title Bill
  109. What does "Aotearoa" mean?
    Land of the white cloud
  110. this is the name the Maori call New Zealand by
  111. What is the name for Australia, New Zealand, and U.S. strategic alliance
  112. What stimulated New Zealand economy?
    state industries sold to private firms
  113. Before 1970, what did New Zealand's economy rely most on
    exports to Britain
  114. This organization was designed to foster economic development in SE Asia and the Pacific Basin
    APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Group)
  115. What is the lifespan average in Australia and New Zealand?
    80 years
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