P.E Chapter 9-Chronic Adaptation to Training Muscular System

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  1. What are the chronic adaptations fpr the muscular system
    • Increase o2 utilisation
    • Increased muscle fuel stores
    • Increased oxidisation of glucose and fats
    • Adaption of heart muscle fibres
  2. Explain the increase in o2 utilisation
    • The muscles have an increased ability to attacrt and use o2 in the cell
    • Due to increase in the size and number of mitochondria and myoglobin stores in muscle
    • Decrease in anaerobic glycolysis usage
  3. Explain the increase in muscle fuel stores
    Aerobic training leads to increase in muscle fuels such as glycogen, triglycerides and PC as well as the enzymes needed to break them down
  4. Explain increased oxidisation of glucose and fats
    • Due to training there is an increase in the ability of the aerobic system to metabolise fuels
    • Glucose sparring due to body being more efficient at metabolising fats
  5. Explain adaption of muscle fibres
    Many fast twicth fibres in skeletal muscle switch to slow twitch with extended endurance training
  6. What are the three types of muslce fibres
    • Type 1A Slow twitch
    • Type 2A Fast twicth
    • Type 2B fast twitch
  7. Explain Type 1A slow twitch muscle fibres
    • Red in colour
    • Capable of high levels of aerobic ATP production
    • They spilt ATP at a slow rate- good for endurance
    • Hence slow contraction and very fatigue resistant
  8. Explain Type 2A Fast twitch fibres (oxidative)
    • Red in colour
    • Produce high levels of aerobic ATP
    • Split ATP rapidly- explosive movements
    • Hence fast contraction
    • Fatigue resistant
  9. Explain Type 2B Fast twitch fibres (glycolitic)
    • White in colour
    • ATP ceate through anaerobic processes
    • Fast splitting of ATP- power movements
    • Hence fast contraction
    • Low fatigue resistance
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P.E Chapter 9-Chronic Adaptation to Training Muscular System
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