Cardiac Rehab

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  1. Three phases of Cardiac Rehabilitation
    1 - acute illness to discharge from hospital, promote rest and limited mobility, monitor HR and BP with activities

    • 2 – begins after discharge and continues
    • through convalesence at home

    3 – long term conditioning
  2. Restoration of a person to an optimal state of functioning in six areas…





  3. Many patients recover from physical illness but may never attain the
    psychological wellness because of misconceptions regarding the illness or life changes needed.
  4. CAD is a chronic
    illness, not cured or will disappear
  5. Physical Exercise Increases
    Increases CO

    • Increases blood flow through the coronary
    • arteries

    Increase muscle mass and flexibility
  6. Physical Exercise Decreases
    Decreases blood lipids

    Decreases BP
  7. Physical Activity levels are measured through
    MET (metabolic equivalents units)
  8. 1 MET is the amount of
    oxygen needed by the body at rest (3.5 ml of Oxygen per kilogram per minute)
  9. By discharge goal for patient able - tolerate at least
    3 MET
  10. <3 MET =
    eating, washing hands, driving a car
  11. 3 -6 MET =
    showering, using a bedpan, dancing etc
  12. 6-8 MET =
    walking up stairs /mowing lawn with mower
  13. >9 MET =
    heavy labor, shoving heavy snow
  14. Physical Exercise Patient teaching…
    Avoid overexertion

    “listen to what the body is saying”

    Avoid exercising outdoors in extreme temperatures.

    Avoid extreme hot or cold showers after exercise

    Know what type of exercise is appropriate

    “isotonic vs isometric”
  15. Isometric (static) Exercises
    Should be limited

    Increase HR and BP rapidly

    Lifting, carrying and pushing heavy objects

    Involve straining muscles against other muscles
  16. Isotonic Exercises (dynamic)
    Walking, jogging, bike riding

    Put a safe steady load on the heart

    Improve circulation to many organs
  17. Sexual Activity after an MI
    • Before counseling, the nurse needs to know the patient’s…
    • - physiological status
    • - psychological effects of having an MI

    Sexual dysfunction after MI is common and that dysfunction usually disappears after several attempts

    Medication to correct erectile dysfunction available but caution use when taking nitrates

    Chest pain during intercourse can occur
  18. Sexual Activity Can generally be resumed about
    1 week after an uncomplicated MI

    The energy expended during sexual activity is similar to walking briskly up two flights of stairs

    Inability to perform sexually after MI is common and the dysfunction usually disappears after several attempts
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