Diagnostic Methods

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  1. 5 Specimen Types - Ways to veiw specimen




    •Clinical Labs
  2. Important info about Autopsy
    Oonly people that can request for an autopsy are family and medical examiner

    They may want to request for insurance policies

    Autopsies always benefit the clinician
  3. Cytology
    • •Examination of cellular
    • features

    • •Typically small specimens
    • “cell smears”

    • •Screening tests
    • –Example PAP smear
    • •Cervical dysplasia/neoplasia
  4. Cytology
    Common Stains
    • •H + E
    • –Hematoxylin stains the nucleus blue and the
    • cytoplasm (red) is counterstained with eosin

    • •Trichrome
    • –Stains nuclei (blue), cytoplasm (pink) and extracellular collagen (blue/green)

    • •Special stains for mucin,
    • elastic fibers, iron, myelin, fat and amyloid

    • •Silver Stains (black) used for
    • identifying basement membrane, fungi and brain parenchyma
  5. Immunochemistry
    •Epitope specific

    • –Cell membrane proteins
    • •CD3, 7, 20, 45, 68

    • –Cytoplasmic proteins
    • •Cytokeratins, glial fibrillary acidic protein, smooth muscle actin

    • –Nuclear receptors
    • •Estrogen and progesterone receptors

    • Have to have some type of visualizing agent
    • Primary - has a tag on the antibody
    • Secondary - has a tag on an antibody which is attached to
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