Linguistics - Lecture 5

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  1. Syllables are split into their?
    • Onset
    • Coda
    • Nucleus
  2. All words have a ?
  3. A nucleus is more often than not a?
  4. A coda can be?
    • Banned entirely from a language
    • Left out of some languages
  5. A nucleus is ?
    • A vowel
    • Necessary for every language
  6. An onset?
    • Is not ever banned entirely
    • Can be left out of some words
  7. When does passive devoicing occur?
    • Transglottal pressure difference becomes too small
    • airflow ceases - voicing ceases
  8. When does active devoicing occur?
    When the glottis opens up
  9. What does oropharyngeal expansion do?
    • Acts to prevent passive devoicing
    • - expands the vocal tract (lowering the pressure)
    • Lowers the larynx (expands the pharynx)
    • Shifts the tongue root forward
  10. Airflow ..?
    • Flows from high pressure regions to low
    • Sustained voicing requires transglottal pressure difference
    • Maintained with - airflow out of the tract and oropharyngeal expansion for short periods
  11. How does an implosive occur?
    Rapid decrease of air pressure in the vocal tract can sometimes lead to excess air in the oral cavity
  12. How does a rapid occur?
    lowering of larynx → expansion of vocal tract→ lowering of air pressure
  13. What are pulmonic sounds?
    Sounds generated by the lungs
  14. What are nonpulmonic sounds?
    • Implosives
    • ejectives
    • clicks
  15. Non-pulmonic sounds need?
    • Airflow
    • - a region of high pressure and a region of low pressure
  16. Ejectives generate high pressure in the vocal tract by ..?
    • closing it off at two ends
    • compressing it
    • opening it up to low pressure (outside airflow)
  17. Articulation of an ejective occurs from?
    • Oral stop closure
    • Closure of the larynx
    • Raising the glottis which compresses the oral cavity causing high pressure
  18. Ejectives are voiced or voiceless?
  19. Click involves?
    • Small generation of air above tongue
    • Closure of the dorsal -velar
  20. Clicks are only found in what language? Clicks sound like?
    • Bilabial - kiss
    • Dental - tsk tsk
    • Lateral - giddy up

    Languages of south africa
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