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  1. central library
    fieldway crescent
  2. compton arms public house
    compton avenue
  3. sedir restaurant
    theburton street
  4. parveen restaurant
    theburton street
  5. mem & laz restaurant
    theburton street
  6. le ca cre cour restaurant
    theburton street
  7. shakespheres head public house
    arlington way
  8. endsleigh court
    upper woburn place
  9. endsleigh gardens
    gordon street/ upp woburn place
  10. cow & coffee bean cafe
    chester road
  11. open air theatre
    inner circle
  12. regents college
    inner circle/ york bridge
  13. travelodge marylebone hotel
    harewood row
  14. sweden embassy
    montague place (n. side)
  15. switzerland embassy
    montague place (s. side)
  16. frontline club & restaurant
    norfolk place
  17. st georges fields
    albion street
  18. ravenstone house school
    albion street
  19. crescent restaurant
    gt. cumberland place
  20. churchill hyatt hotel
    portman sq/ upp. berkeley st
  21. best western mostyn hotel
    bryanston street
  22. jacob well mews
    george street
  23. cordon bleu cookery school
    bulstrode place
  24. (new) westminste magistrates court
    marlebone road
  25. pontefract castle public house
    wigmore street
  26. marlebone hotel
    (upper part) wellbeck st
  27. mermaid suite hotel
    bleinheim street
  28. semplice restaurant
    bleinheim street
  29. handel house museum
    brook street
  30. square restaurant
    bruton street
  31. swallow street
  32. cavas de gaucho
    swallow street
  33. bentleys restaurant
    swallow street
  34. veeraswamy restaurant
    swallow street
  35. champagne & oyster bar
    swallow street
  36. urban golf w1
    gt. pultney street
  37. randall & aubin
    brewer street
  38. shadow lounge bar
    brewer street
  39. puppet barge theatre
    bloomfield road
  40. summerhouse restaurant
    bloomfield road
  41. w2 hotel
    kensington gardens sq
  42. cow saloon bar
    westbourne park road
  43. e&o restaurant
    bleinheim crescent
  44. the travel bookshop w11
    bleinheim crescent
  45. tabbard theatre
    bath road
  46. charlie butler public house
    mortlake hi st/ vineyard path
  47. cone ripman house
    bath road
  48. polytechmic stadium
    hartington road
  49. old mortlake burial ground
    south warple way
  50. olympic studios
    church road
  51. sonnys restaurant
    church road
  52. toland sq
    roehampton lane
  53. aubyn sq
    roehampton lane
  54. kenilworth court
    lower richmond road
  55. southfields library
    wimbledon park road
  56. capital studios
    wandsworth plain
  57. king georges park
    kimber road
  58. southsides
    garatt lane
  59. philpot sq
    peterborough road
  60. harbour club
    william morris way/ watermeadow lane
  61. south park
    peterborough road/ clancarty rd
  62. andrew robson bridge club
    parsons green lane
  63. french house
    parsons green lane
  64. sullivan court
    peterborough road
  65. egerton house hotel
    egerton terrace
  66. aragon house bar
    new kings road
  67. earlsfield amateur boxing club
    garratt lane
  68. aubaine restaurant
    brompton road
  69. sir thomas more statue
    cheyne walk
  70. wyndham hotel
    chelsea harbour drive
  71. chelsea academy
    lots road
  72. racine restaurant
    brompton road
  73. crown lodge
    elystan street
  74. the painted heron restaurant
    cheyne walk
  75. ciro's pomodoro pizza restaurant
    beauchamp place
  76. frankies criterion
    yeomans row
  77. the map house
    beauchamp place
  78. borsh n tears restaurant
    beauchamp pl
  79. studio place
    kinnerton street
  80. jays village store
    kinnerton street
  81. judith blacklock flower schoold
    kinnerton place south
  82. duplex ride
    kinnerton street
  83. bradbrook house
    studio place/ kinnerton street
  84. wilton arms public house
    kinnerton street
  85. grenadier public house
    wilton row
  86. google headquarters
    buckingham palace road
  87. lime street hotel
    ebury street
  88. boisdale restaurant
    eccleston street
  89. burrberry headquarters
    horseferry road/ dean ryle street
  90. churchill gardens estate
    churchill gardens road (lupus st/ claverton street)
  91. peninsula heights
    albert embankment
  92. cafe 89
    albert embankment
  93. aa hamilton college
    albert embankment
  94. riverbank park plaza hotel
    albert embankment
  95. footstall restaurant
    smith square
  96. european commission
    smith square
  97. transport house
    smith square
  98. (old) westminsteer magistrates court
    horseferry road
  99. royal horticulture hall
    greycoat street
  100. ku bar
    lisle street
  101. lindsey hall
    elveton street
  102. westminster palace gardens
    artillery row
  103. africa house
    kingsway hall
  104. diamond house
    hatton garden
  105. johnson buiding
    hatton garden
  106. unternational magic shop
    clerkenwell road
  107. urban golf ec1
    smithfield street
  108. rising sun court
    long lane

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new Points 22 aug 2011
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