Anatomy Lecture 1

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  1. What are the major arteries and pulse points?
    Corotid artery, brachial artery, femoral artery, superficial temporal, popliteal artery, posterior tibial artery
  2. What is the anatomical position?
    • -Body- upright, standing position with upper limbs rotated laterally (outwardly), exposing palms to the front (anterior) in a positio called supination.
    • -Feet placed together, toes pointing forward.
    • -Front of body- Anterior/ventral; back of body- posterior/dorsal.
    • -Head is superior/cranial/rostral/cephalic while body is inferior/caudal/end
  3. Which cardinal plane divides the body from the right and left?
    Sagittal plane
  4. Which cardinal plane divides the body from anterior and posterior?
    Coronal plane
  5. Which cardinal plane divides the body from the superior and inferior?
    Transverse plane
  6. What are the three sections of anatomy?
    Longitudenal, transverse, and oblique
  7. What is the hierarchy from external to internal?
    Superficial, intermediate, deep
  8. Anatomical terms for front/back.
  9. Anotomical terms for top/bottom.
  10. Anatomical terms for towards the center and away from center.
  11. Anatomical terms for close to point of origin/attachment and away from point of origin/attachment.
  12. Term for occuring on both sides of the body.
  13. Term for occurig on one side of the body.
  14. Term for relating to the same side of the body.
  15. Term for relating to the opposide side of the body.
  16. What are the different terms of movement?
    Flexion- decreasing angle; Extension- increasing angle; Hyperextension- extending beyond intended range; Dorsiflexion- (dorsi- protrusion) (flexion-decreasing angle) i.e. foot; Plantar flexion- opposite of dorsiflexion.
  17. Anatomical terms of movement away from he midline and towards the midline.
  18. Anatomical terms of rotation towards the midline and away from the midline.
  19. Anatomical term for for a forearm of foot in which the hand is anterior/ posterior.
    Supination/ pronation.
  20. Anatomical term for rotatng the sole of a foot out/in.
  21. What is the hierarchy of anatomical structure variation?
    Veins, arteries, nerves.
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