PNP: Developmental Mgmt Toddlers & Preschoolers

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  1. What is the age of toddlers?
    12 - 24 mo
  2. What are the ages for pre-schoolers?
    2 - 5 years
  3. What is the average wt for a 2 y/o?
    26 - 28#
  4. What is the average height of a 2 y/o?
    34 - 35 inches
  5. At what age does the anterior fontanelle close?
    18 - 19 mo
  6. What age does the legs grow faster than the head, trunk, or upper extremities?
    4 - 5 y/o
  7. When does a dominant hand appear?
    May appear 8 - 12 mo, but usually between 2 - 4 y/o
  8. Language is considered to start at what Piaget stages of development? At what age does it began?
    Preoperative stage of development; It is considered to be about 2y/o due to toddlers began using words to communicate thoughts and feelings
  9. At age 12 mo, the child has how many primary teeth?
    6 - 8
  10. How many teeth does a 2 y/o have?
    Complete set of 20 primary teeth
  11. When do the 2nd molars appear?
  12. When does clacification begin for the 1st & 2nd permanent bicuspids and 2nd molars?
    2nd year
  13. Can easily manipulate fingers to stack 2 blocks?
    2 y/o
  14. Can create a tower of 8 or more blocks?
    3 y/o
  15. Can easily build a 12-block step design?
    4 y/o
  16. Can grasp a pencil appropriately to copy simple geometric designs accurately and write their name in block letters?
    5 y/o
  17. What is the visual acuity for a 2 y/o?
  18. What is the usual visual acuity for 5 - 6 y/o?
  19. The heart quadrupled in size since birth at what age?
    5 y/o
  20. The hematologic system produces only adult Hgb by what year?
    5th year
  21. When does salivary gland reach adult size?
    2 y/o
  22. The GI system is mature enough for the child to eat a full range of food by when?
    4 - 5 y/o
  23. A 2 y/o may excrete how much urine a day?
    500 - 600mL/day
  24. How much urine does a 4 - 5 y/o excrete?
    600 - 750mL daily
  25. If a child is bilingual, at what age will they be able to be equally competent in both languages?
    3 y/o

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