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  1. action
    • the effects produced by a muscle
    • to produce of prevent movement
  2. prime mover (agonist)
    muscle that produces most of force during a joint action
  3. synergist
    • muscle that aids the prime mover
    • stabilizes the nearby joint
    • modifies the direction of movement
  4. antagonist
    • opposes the prime mover
    • relaxes to give prime mover control over an action
    • preventing excessive movement and injury
  5. antagonistic pairs
    muscles that act on opposite sides of a joint
  6. fixator
    muscle that prevents movement of bone
  7. intrinsic muscle
    • entirely contained within a region such as the hand
    • both its origin and insertion there
  8. extrinsic muscles
    • acton on a designated region, but has its origin elsewhere
    • fingers have extrinsic muscles in the forearm
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