Chapter 1 Test

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  1. A possible explanation or
    answer to a question is a
  2. A series of steps scientists follow to solve problems are
    scientific methods
  3. Scientists begin to
    learn about the natural world by
    asking questions
  4. Communicating the results
    of an investigation allows other scientists to
    review evidence
  5. What do scientists do to
    determine if their results support their hypothesis?
    measure their evidence
  6. An investigation may
    continue after results are accepted if there is
    new evidence.
  7. What order do the steps of
    a scientific method follow
    They do not follow a set order
  8. A controlled experiment tests
    one variable at a time.
  9. Scientists form a
    hypothesis when they
    investigate a question.
  10. Which of the following is NOT a way that models can be used in
    to replace real things in the natural world
  11. What model is used to show
    objects that are too small or too large to see completely?
    a physical model
  12. A climate model is an
    example of a
    mathematical model.
  13. The data in a climate model
    many variables.
  14. To learn from a model, a
    scientist must
    choose the right model.
  15. Why is it important to have
    the International System of Units?
    It can be used by scientists everywhere.
  16. The volume of a liquid is
    often given in
  17. The basic unit for mass is
    the............. in the SI system.
  18. What should you do during
    any science investigation?
    Follow safety rules.
  19. If you wanted to learn about plants and animals
    that live in the ocean, you would speak to a
    biological oceanographer.
  20. A scientist finds a vase
    that she believes is 2,000 years old. She compares its features to those of
    similar vases in a museum. She is
    testing a hypothesis.
  21. What kind of model is a
    miniature space shuttle?
    a physical model
  22. How is a climate model an
    example of a complex mathematical model?
    It has many variables that must be processed by computers.
  23. Why is it important for members of the
    scientific community to learn the results of an investigation?
    They can review evidence to further investigate the truth.
  24. If you wanted to learn about the origin,
    history, and structure of the Earth, you would study
  25. It reduces the variables in mathematical
    climate models
  26. Which unit would be most appropriate for
    measuring the mass of a cow?
    a kilogram
  27. What is an advantage of
    having an International System of Units?
    It provides a system that can be used only by scientists.
  28. What step is the beginning
    of the process that scientists use to learn more about the natural world?
    asking questions
  29. An explanation that ties
    together many hypothesis and explanations is called a(n)
  30. A safety symbol that shows a picture of a bottle
    reminds you to
    use chemicals safely
  31. To find the area of a
    surface, you
    multiply length times width.
  32. A scientific theory
    ties together many hypotheses and observations.
  33. The International System of
    Units allows scientists to
    share data around the world.
  34. Visual aids in your
    textbook that alert you to use caution during science investigations are called
    safety symbols.
  35. What do astronomers study?
    bodies in space
  36. How do scientists begin to learn about the natural world?
    They ask questions.
  37. What steps do scientists
    use to answer questions and solve problems?
    scientific methods
  38. What do scientists use to
    show or describe how something works?
    a model
  39. What do scientists find out when they draw
    if their results support their hypotheses
  40. Why are SI measurements
    All scientists can use them.
  41. What do scientists do after learning the results
    of an investigation?
    They review evidence.
  42. Why do some investigations continue after the
    results of the investigation are accepted?
    There is new evidence.
  43. What model can be used for objects that are hard
    to see completely?
    a physical model
  44. Why must computers process
    data from climate models?
    The models have many variables.
  45. What should you do before you start any
    scientific investigation?
    note safety information
  46. What is the measure of how
    much surface an object has?
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