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  1. frugality
    a tendency to be thrifty or cheap

    EX: Scrooge McDuck's FRUGALITY was so great that he accumulated enough wealth to fill a giant storehouse with money.
  2. garrulous
    tending to talk a lot

    EX: The GARRULOUS parakeet distracted its owner with its continuous talking
  3. gregarious
    outgoing , sociable

    EX: She was so GREGARIOUS that wjen she found herself alone, she felt quite sad.
  4. guile
    deciet or trickery

    EX: Since he was not fast enough to catch the roadrunner on foot, the coyote resorted to GUILE in an effort trap his enemy
  5. iconoclast
    one who opposes established beliefs, customs, and institutions

    EX: His lack of regard for traditional beliefs soon established him as an ICONOCLAST
  6. imperturbable
    not capable of being disturbed

    EX: The counselor had so much experience dealing with distraught children that she seemed IMPERTURBABLE, even when faced with the wildest tantrums
  7. impervious
    impossible to penetrate; incapable of being affected

    EX: A good raincoat will be IMPERVIOUS to moisture
  8. impetuous
    quick to act without thinking

    EX: It is not good for an investment broker to be IMPETUOUS, since much thought should be given to all the possible options
  9. implacable
    unable to be clamed down or made peaceful

    EX: His rage at the betrayal was so great that he remained IMPLACABLE for weeks
  10. inchoate
    not fully formed; disorganized

    EX: the ideas expressed in Nietzsche's mature work also appeared in an INCHOATE form in his earliest writing.
  11. ingenuous
    showing innocence or childlike simplicity

    EX: She was so INGENUOUS that her friends feared that her innocence and truthfulness would be exploited when she visited the big city.
  12. inimical
    hostile, unfriendly

    EX: Even thought the children had grown up together they were INIMICAL to each other at school.
  13. innocuous

    EX: Some snakes are poisonous, but most are INNOCUOUS and pose no danger to humans.
  14. insipid
    lacking interest ofr flavor

    EX: The critic claimed that the painting was INSI[PID, containing no interesting qualities at all.
  15. intransigent
    uncompromising; refusing to be reconciled

    EX: The professor was INTRANSIGENT on the deadline, insisting that everyone turn in the assignment in at the same time.
  16. inundate
    to overwhelm; to cover with water

    EX: the tidal wave INUNDATED atlantis, which was lost beneath the water.
  17. irascible
    easily made angry

    EX: Attlila the Hun's IRASCILE and violent nature made all who dealt with him fear for thier lives
  18. lament
    to express sorrow; to grieve

    EX: The children continued to LAMENT the death of the goldfish weeks after its demise
  19. lavish
    to give unsparingly (v.); extremely generous or extravagant(adj.)

    EX: She lavished the puppy with so many treats that it soon became overwieght and spoiled.
  20. Lethargic
    acting in an indifferent or slow, sluggish manner

    EX: The clerk was so LETHARGIC that, even when the store was slow, he always had a long line in front of him.
  21. luminous
    bright, brilliant, glowing

    EX: The park was bathed in LUMINOUUS sunshine, which warmed the bodies and the souls of the visitors.
  22. Malinger
    to evade responsiblity by pretending to be ill '

    EX: A common way to avoid the draft was by MAYLINGERING--pretending to be mentally or physically ill so as to avoid being taken by the .
  23. malleable
    capable of being shaped

    EX: Gold is the most MALLEABLE of precious metals; it can easily be formed into almost any shape.
  24. metaphor
    a figure of speech comparing two different things; a symbols

    EX: the METAPHOR "a sea of trobles" suggests a lot of trobles by comparing their number to the vastness of the sea
  25. meticulous
    extremely careful about details

    EX: to find all the clues at the crime scene the investigators METICULOUSLY examined every inch of the area.
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