Pre Ap US History Quiz Chap 1

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  1. Why were thier little incentives for other europeans to follow after the intial voyage to america by the norse.
    • -Life was primarily about survival
    • -Farming and goods were just about substancial so extensive trade wasnt needed.
    • -Kingdoms were vast and thier was no central power to help invest and finance in extensive exploration.
  2. What role did the catholic church play in spanish colonization efforts?
    -Treaty Of Tortassia gave Spain most of the Americas, with the condition that catholism is the only religion exercised. (this made it to where settlers comin were spose to be super religious)
  3. What did europeans gain from the Indians that proved more importiant than gold?
    • -Agricultural knologe for the new world
    • -Also staple foods that helped improve diets such as corn (maize), squash, pumpkins, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers.
  4. How did African slave trade originate, and how did it evolve?
    • -Slave trade has roots goin back to 8th century all over the mediterian, made easier by the fact that african would sell other africans for money from mediterian traders.
    • -This evolved and expanded due to europeans riseing demand for sugarcane.
  5. What comercial factors contributed to Englands decision to seek colonies in the New World
    • -First it was a place to start a fresh
    • -Thier was a rising surplus population
    • -Rising Mercantilism class needed place to sell goods.
    • -Also religious freedom and freedom from persecution
  6. What arguments did Richard Haluyt present in favor of england settling colonies?
    • -Colonies helped create new markets for english goods
    • -It helped with unemployement of the surplus population.
    • -helped Europe accuire products from the new territories.
  7. How did English refermation differ from that of Luther and Calvin?
    -It was more of a political ploy than that of religion
  8. What were the "Old World" forces that influnced the settlement and expansion of America
    • -England
    • -France
    • -Spain
    • -Portugal
    • -Dutch
  9. Incans
    • -peru
    • -Dev complex politics
    • -Network of paved roads
  10. mayans
    • -Central America on yuicatan penisula
    • -
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