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  1. Forms of pay linked to an employee's performance as an individual, group member, or organization member.
    Incentive Pay
  2. A wage based on the amount workers produce.
    Piecework Rate
  3. Incentive pay in which the employer pays the same rate per piece, no matter how much the worker produces.
    Straight Piecework Plan
  4. Incentive pay in which the piece rate is higher when a greater amount is produced.
    Differential Piece Rates
  5. An incentive plan that pays workers extra for work done in less than a preset "standard time."
    Standard Hour Plan
  6. A system of linking pay increases to rataings to performance appraisals.
    Merit Pay
  7. Group incentive program that measures improvements in productivity and effectiveness and distributes a portion of each gain to employees.
  8. A gainsharing program in which employees receive a bonus if the ratio of labor costs the sales value of production is below a set standard.
    Scanlon Plan
  9. Incentive pay in which payments are a percentage of the organization's profits and do not become part of the employee's base salary.
    Profit Sharing
  10. Rights to buy a certain number of shares of stock at a specified price.
    Stock Options
  11. An arrangement in which the organization distributes shares of stock to all its employees by placing it in a trust.
    Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
  12. A combination of performance measures directed toward the company's long- and short-term goals and used as the basis for awarding incentive pay.
    Balanced Scorecard
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