Pathology Ch 1

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  1. Define Etiology
    Cause of a disease
  2. Define Pathogenesis
    Mechanism of development of disease
  3. Define Morphologic Changes
    Alterations in cell or tissue structures due to disease processes
  4. What are the pathways of cell death?
    • Necrosis
    • Apoptosis
  5. Hypertrophy
    Increase in the size of cells
  6. Hyperplasia
    Increase in the number of cells
  7. Causes of atrophy
    • Decreased workload
    • Loss of innervation
    • Ischemia
    • Inadequate nutrition
    • Loss of endocrine stimulation
    • Pressure
  8. Metaplasia
    Reversible change from one cell type to another
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