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  1. [For Me]
    Why do you want to work for company X?
    • Personal growth
    • Want to change industry
    • Room for advancement
    • Multiple projects to work on
    • Want to create something that many people use
  2. [For Me]
    Explain a challenge you thought was impossible, but was able to overcome, and how you overcame it.
    • One challenge I had to face was familiarizing myselft with Visual Studio after having worked mostly in a simple text editor. I read blogs and picked up knowledge from co-workers until I feel fairly proficient using Visual Studio.
    • Include specific examples of how you handled a particular difficult situation and how your research contributed to finding a solution.
    • Possible answers:
    • Using the stellent assemblies
    • Work with VB6
    • De-Lobsterizing HTML app
  3. [For Them]
    What are the biggest challenges you're currently facing?
    Focus on the technical
  4. [For Me]
    What kinds of things do you do when faced with a challenge?
    • Google search
    • Read documentation
    • Get help from co-workers
    • Trial and Error
  5. [For Them]
    How big is the team and what is the team make up?
    Try to get a feel for where I would fit in and my role in relation to co-workers. E.g., are there QA engineers? Architects from whom to draw upon for expertise?
  6. [For Them]
    Are you using any newer technology like HTML5 Canvas?
    Or Silverlight, Azure, etc.
  7. [For Me]
    What do you do to keep up with latest technology trends?
    • Read blog posts, slashdot
    • attend technical seminars like SQL Saturday
  8. [For Me]
    Give a situation where you learned a new technology and how did you learn it?
    • iTextSharp
    • Silverlight
  9. [For Me]
    Give a situation where you've used one or all of the three pillars of OOP.
    Encapsulated (hid) the details of the function used to test a pdf file.
  10. [For Me]
    Who was the best manager you worked for and why did you like working for him?
    • Quang was great to work for because:
    • he was open and honest
    • available if I had questions
    • I could collaborate with him to come to a solution
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