American Sign Language

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  1. above
    Right hand, palm down circles over left hand, palm down
  2. airplane
    right hand, palm down, 2 center fingers bent down moves slightly forward
  3. all
    • left hand sideways, palm facing you, right hand above left, palm facing
    • out, flip hand around turning palm towards you as you move under lf and
    • place back of right hand into Palm of left hand
  4. always
    • Hold your index finger up in the air, palm back, and draw a couple of
    • large circles. The movement is not small like the movement used for
    • "single/someone/something" -- instead the movement is much larger--more
    • like the size of a saucer (small dish). All of the movement is in the elbow. None of the movement is in the finger or wrist, they are kept straight.This concept can also be used to mean forever and eternity
  5. now
    • Move the "Y" hands down a few inches.
    • Your palms should be facing upward.
    • Note: If you use a double motion on this version of the sign for now, it can
    • be interpreted as TODAY.
  6. America
    • hands entwined to first knuckle, starts to the left side about shoulder
    • high with arms extended and circles clockwise back to original position
  7. any
    “a” hand, palm back, thumb up, turn out, palm facing out with thumb pointing right
  8. aunt
    right “a” shakes by right cheek, palm facing check
  9. and
    • right hand to the left side, palm left, open like catching a ball then move about six
    • inches to the right closing to form a sideways letter "o" sign
  10. any
    “a” hand, palm back, thumb up, turn out, palm facing out with thumb pointing right
  11. ball
    both hands facing each other about 6 inches apart, open curved like holding a ball rock back and forth in unison
  12. beach
    left hand palm down fingers pointing out, right hand, palm down, sideways, slide across lf H curving up and slide back
  13. beer
    like brown, lower towards chin with double movement
  14. big
    2 ‘x’ hands on each side of face move forward, move a little wider as they move out
  15. bored
    right index finger to right side of nose with a little twist
  16. bright
    2 “o” hands, finger tips touching, open to five hands stretched wide
  17. cat
    2 French hands movement under nose like pulling whiskers
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