BIOL 2113

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  1. a-
    Without, lack of Acentric (without a center)
  2. ab-
    Away from, from Abterminal (away from the end)
  3. -able
    Capable Viable (capable of living)
  4. acou-
    Hearing Acoustics (science of sounds)
  5. acro-
    Extremity, peak Acromegaly (large extremities)
  6. acu-
    Needle Acupuncture (insertion of needles)
  7. ad-
    To, toward, near to Adrenal (near the kidney)
  8. adeno-
    Gland Adenoma (glandular tumor)
  9. adipo-
    Fat Adipocyte (fat cell)
  10. aero-
    Air, gas Aerobic (growing in presence of oxygen)
  11. -agogue
    Leading, inducing Galactagogue (promoting the flow of milk)
  12. -al
    Expressing relationship Neural (referring to nerves)
  13. -algia
    Pain Gastralgia (stomach pain)
  14. allotri-
    Strange, foreign Allotriuria (strange condition of the urine)
  15. ambi-
    Both Ambilateral (affecting both sides)
  16. amphi-
    Both Amphibious (on land and in water)
  17. an-
    Without, lack of Anaerobic (without oxygen)
  18. ana-
    Up, back, again Anatomy (a cutting up)
  19. andro-
    Male Androcyte (male sex cell)
  20. angio-
    Vessel Angiography (radiography of blood vessels)
  21. ante-
    Before, forward Antecubital (before elbow)
  22. anti-
    Against, reversed Antiperistalsis (reversed peristalsis)
  23. apo-
    Separation, off Apocope (cutting off)
  24. arthr-
    Joint Arthritis (inflammation of a joint)
  25. -ary
    Associated with Urinary (associated with urine)
  26. -ase
    Enzyme Amylase (catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch)
  27. -asis
    Condition, state of Homeostasis (state of staying the same)
  28. atelo-
    Incomplete Atelopodia (incomplete development of foot)
  29. auto-
    Self Autolysis (self breakdown)
  30. basi-
    Base or foundation Basicranial (base of skull)
  31. bi-
    Twice, double Bilateral (both sides)
  32. bio-
    Live Biology (study of living)
  33. -blast-
    Bud, germ Fibroblast (fiber - producing cell)
  34. brady-
    Slow Bradycardia (slow heart rate)
  35. brevi-
    Short Brevicollis (shortness of the neck)
  36. bucco-
    Cheek Buccally (toward the cheek)
  37. -c
    Expressing relationship Cardiac (referring to heart)
  38. carcin-
    Cancer Carcinogenic (causing cancer)
  39. cardio-
    Heart Cardiopathy (heart disease)
  40. cata-
    Down, lower Catabolism (breaking down)
  41. cephal-
    Head Cephalic (toward the head)
  42. -cele
    Hollow, cavity Blastocele (cavity inside a blastocyst)
  43. celio-
    Abdomen Celioma (tumor of the abdomen)
  44. cerebro-
    Brain Cerebrospinal (referring to brain and spinal cord)
  45. chol-
    Bile Acholic (without bile)
  46. cholecyst-
    Gallbladder Cholecystokinin (causes gallbladder contraction)

    • chondr-
    • Cartilage Chondrocyte (cartilage cell)
  47. chrono-
    Time Chronobiology (effect of time on living systems)
  48. -cide
    Kill Bactericide (agent that kills bacteria)
  49. circum-
    Around, about Circumduction (circular movement)
  50. -clast-
    Smash, break Osteoclast (cell that breaks down bone)
  51. co-
    With, together Coenzyme (molecule that functions with an enzyme)
  52. colpo-
    Vagina Colpoxerosis (abnormal dryness of vagina)
  53. com-
    With, together Commissure (coming together)
  54. con-
    With, together Convergence (to incline together)
  55. contra-
    Against, opposite Contralateral (opposite side)
  56. copro-
    Feces Coprology (study of the feces)
  57. crypto-
    Hidden Cryptorchidism (undescended or hidden testes)
  58. cyano-
    Blue Cyanosis (bluish discoloration)
  59. cysto-
    Bladder or sac Cystocele (hernia of a bladder)
  60. -cyte-
    Cell Erythrocyte (red blood cell)
  61. cyto-
    Cell Cytoskeleton (supportive fibers inside a cell)
  62. de-
    Away from Dehydrate (remove water)
  63. demi-
    Half Demilune (halfmoon or crescent shaped)
  64. derm-
    Skin Dermatology (study of the skin)
  65. di-
    Two Diploid (two sets of chromosomes)
  66. dia-
    Through, apart, across Diapedesis (ooze through)
  67. dis-
    Reversal, apart from Dissect (cut apart)
  68. -duct-
    Draw Abduct (lead away from)
  69. -dynia
    Pain Mastodynia (breast pain)
  70. dys-
    Difficult, bad Dysmentia (bad mind)
  71. e-
    Out, away from Eviscerate (take out viscera)
  72. ec-
    Out from Ectopic (out of place)
  73. ecto-
    On outer side Ectoderm (outer skin)
  74. -ectomy
    Cut out Appendectomy (cut out the appendix)
  75. -edem-
    Swell Myoedema (swelling of a muscle)
  76. em-
    In Empyema (pus in)
  77. -emia
    Blood Anemia (deficiency of blood)
  78. en-
    In Encephalon (in the brain)
  79. endo-
    Within Endometrium (within the uterus)
  80. entero-
    Intestine Enteritis (inflammation of the intestine)
  81. epi-
    Upon, on Epidermis (on the skin)
  82. erythro-
    Red Erythrocyte (red blood cell)
  83. eu-
    Well, good Euphoria (well-being)
  84. ex-
    Out, away from Exhalation (breathe out)
  85. exo-
    Outside, on outer side Exogenous (originating outside)
  86. extra-
    Outside Extracellular (outside the cell)
  87. -facient
    Causing, making Abortifacient (causing abortion)
  88. -ferent
    Carry Afferent (carrying into a location)
  89. -ferous
    Producing, bearing Odoriferous (giving off an odor)
  90. -form
    Expressing resemblance Fusiform (resembling a fusion)
  91. galacto-
    Milk Galactophygous (arresting milk secretion)
  92. gastro-
    Stomach Gastrodynia (stomach ache)
  93. -gen
    Producing Cryogen (producing cold)
  94. -genesis
    Produce, origin Pathogenesis (origin of disease)
  95. gloss-
    Tongue Hypoglossal (under the tongue)
  96. glyco-
    Sugar, sweet Glycolysis (breakdown of sugar)
  97. -gram
    A drawing Myogram (drawing of a muscle contraction)
  98. -graph
    Instrument that records Myograph (instrument measuring muscle contraction)
  99. helio-
    Sun Heliosis (sunstroke)
  100. hem-
    Blood Hemolysis (breakdown of blood)
  101. hemi-
    Half Hemiplegia (paralysis of half of the body)
  102. hepato-
    Liver Hepatitis (inflammation of the liver)
  103. hetero-
    Different, other Heterozygous (different genes for a trait)
  104. hexa-
    Six Hexamer (contains six monomers)
  105. hist-
    Tissue Histology (study of tissues)
  106. homeo-
    Same Homeostasis (state of staying the same)
  107. hydro-
    Wet, water Hydrocephalus (fluid within the head)
  108. hyper-
    Over, above, excessive Hypertrophy (overgrowth)
  109. hypo-
    Under, below, deficient Hypotension (low blood pressure)
  110. hyster-
    Uterus Hysterectomy (removal of uterus)
  111. -ia
    Expressing condition Neuralgia (pain in nerve)
  112. -iatr-
    Treat, cure Pediatrics (treatment of children)
  113. -id
    Expressing condition Flaccid (state of being weak)
  114. idio-
    Self-produced Idiopathic (self-originated, of unknown cause)
  115. im-
    Not Impermeable (not permeable)
  116. in-
    In, into Injection (forcing fluid into)
  117. infra-
    Below Infraorbital (below the eye)
  118. inter-
    • Between Intercostal (between the ribs)
    • intra-
    • Within Intraocular (within the eye)
  119. ipsi-
    Same Ipsilateral (same side)
  120. -ism
    Condition, state of Dimorphism (condition of two forms)
  121. iso-
    Equal Isotonic (same tension)
  122. -itis
    Inflammation Gastritis (inflammation of the stomach)
  123. -ity
    Expressing condition Acidity (condition of acid)
  124. juxta-
    Near or adjoining Juxtaspinal (close to spinal column)
  125. kerato-
    Cornea or horny tissue Keratinization (formation of a hard tissue)
  126. -kin-
    Move Kinesiology (study of movement)
  127. lact-
    Milk Lactation (secretion of milk)
  128. leuko-
    White Leukocyte (white blood cell)
  129. -liga-
    Bind Ligament (structure that binds bone to bone)
  130. lipo-
    Fat Lipolysis (breakdown of fats)
  131. litho-
    Stone, calculus Lithogenic (promoting formation of calculi)
  132. -logy
    Study Histology (study of tissue)
  133. -lysis
    Breaking up, dissolving Glycolysis (breakdown of sugar)
  134. macro-
    Large Macrophage (large phagocytic cell)
  135. mal-
    Bad Malnutrition (bad nutrition)
  136. -mania
    Madness Necromania (morbid attraction to dead bodies)
  137. malaco-
    Soft Osteomalacia (soft bone)
  138. mammo-
    Breast Mammogram (X-ray film of breasts)
  139. mast-
    Breast Mastectomy (excision of the breast)
  140. mega-
    Great Megacolon (large colon)
  141. melano-
    Black Melanocyte (black pigment producing skin cell)
  142. meso-
    Middle, mid Mesoderm (middle skin)
  143. meta-
    Beyond, after, change Metastasis (beyond original position)
  144. micro-
    Small Microorganism (small organism)
  145. mito-
    Thread, filament Mitosis (threadlike chromosomes/cell division)
  146. mono-
    One, single Monosaccharide (one sugar)
  147. -morph-
    Form Morphology (study of form)
  148. multi-
    Many, much Multinucleated (two or more nuclei)
  149. myelo-
    Marrow, spinal cord Myeloid (derived from bone marrow)
  150. myo-
    Muscle Myocardium (heart muscle)
  151. narco-
    Numbness Narcotic (drug producing stupor or weakness)
  152. necro-
    Death Necropsy (examination of dead body)
  153. neo-
    New Neonatal (first four weeks of life)
  154. nephro-
    Kidney Nephrectomy (removal of a kidney)
  155. neuro-
    Nerve Neuritis (inflammation of a nerve)
  156. oculo-
    Eye Oculomotor (movement of the eye)
  157. odonto-
    Tooth or teeth Odontomy (cutting a tooth)
  158. -oid
    Expressing resemblance Epidermoid (resembling epidermis)
  159. oligo-
    Few, scanty, little Oliguria (little urine)
  160. -oma
    Tumor Carcinoma (cancerous tumor)
  161. omni-
    All Omnidirectional (involving all directions)
  162. -op-
    See Myopia (nearsighted)
  163. ophthalm-
    Eye Ophthalmology (study of the eye)
  164. ortho-
    Straight, normal Orthodontics (straightening of teeth)
  165. -ory
    Referring to Olfactory (relating to the sense of smell)
  166. -ose
    Full of Adipose (full of fat)
  167. -osis
    A condition of Osteoporosis (porous condition of bone)
  168. osteo-
    Bone Osteocyte (bone cell)
  169. oto-
    Ear Otolith (ear stone)
  170. -ous
    Expressing material Serous (composed of serum)
  171. pan-
    All Panphobia (fear of everything)
  172. para-
    Beside, beyond, near to Paranasal (near the nose)
  173. -pathy
    Disease Cardiopathy (disease of the heart)
  174. pedo-
    Child Pedophilic (fond of children)
  175. -penia
    Deficiency Thrombocytopenia (deficiency of thrombocytes)
  176. penta-
    Five Pentamer (contains five monomers)
  177. per-
    Through, excessive Permeate (pass through)
  178. peri-
    Around Periosteum (around bone)
  179. -phag-
    Eat Dysphagia (difficult eating or swallowing)
  180. -phas-
    Speak, utter Aphasia (unable to speak)
  181. -phil-
    Like, love Hydrophilic (water-loving)
  182. phleb-
    Vein Phlebotomy (incision into a vein)
  183. phlogo-
    Inflammation Phlogogenic (causing inflammation)
  184. -phobia
    Fear Hydrophobia (fear of water)
  185. phyto-
    Plant Phytoestrogens (estrogens from plant sources)
  186. -plas-
    Form, grow Neoplasm (new growth)
  187. -plegia
    Paralyze Paraplegia (paralysis of lower limbs)
  188. pleo-
    More than one Pleomorphism (having more than one form)
  189. -pne-
    Breathe Apnea (lack of breathing)
  190. pneumo-
    Air, gas, or lungs Pneumothorax (air in the thorax)
  191. pod-
    Foot Podiatry (treatment of foot disorders)
  192. -poie-
    Make Hematopoiesis (make blood cells)
  193. poly-
    Many, much Polycythemia (excess red blood cells)
  194. post-
    After, behind Postpartum (after childbirth)
  195. pre-
    Before, in front of Prenatal (before birth)
  196. pro-
    Before, in front of Prosect (to cut before-for demonstration)
  197. procto-
    Anus, rectum Proctoscope (instrument for examining the rectum)
  198. pseudo-
    False Pseudostratified (falsely layered)
  199. psycho-
    Mind, soul Psychosomatic (effect of the mind on the body)
  200. pyo-
    Pus Pyoderma (pus in the skin)
  201. quasi-
    Almost, resembling Quasidominance (mimicking dominant inheritance)
  202. re-
    Back, again, contrary Reflect (bend back)
  203. reno-
    Kidney Renocortical (cortex of kidney)
  204. retro-
    Backward, located behind Retroperitoneal (behind the peritoneum)
  205. rhino-
    Nose Rhinodynia (pain in nose)
  206. -rrhagia
    Burst forth, pour Hemorrhage (bleed)
  207. -rrhea
    Flow, discharge Rhinorrhea (nasal discharge)
  208. sarco-
    Flesh or fleshy Sarcoma (connective tissue tumor)
  209. sclero-
    Hard Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)
  210. -scope
    Examine Endoscope (instrument)
  211. semi-
    Half Semilunar (shaped like half a moon)
  212. somato-
    Body Somatotropin (hormone causing body growth)
  213. -stasis
    Stop, stand still Hemostasis (stop bleeding)
  214. -stat
    Inhibit Bacteriostat (inhibiting growth of bacteria)
  215. steno-
    Narrow Stenosis (narrow canal)
  216. -stomy
    Make artificial opening Tracheostomy (make an opening into the trachea)
  217. sub-
    Under Subcutaneous (under skin)
  218. super-
    Above, upper, excessive Supercilia (upper brows)
  219. supra-
    Above, upon Suprarenal (above kidney)
  220. sym-
    Together, with Symphysis (growing together)
  221. syn-
    Together, with Synapsis (joining together)
  222. tachy-
    Fast, swift Tachycardia (rapid heart rate)
  223. tetra-
    Four Tetracetate (four acetic acid molecules)
  224. therm-
    Heat Thermometer (device for measuring heat)
  225. toco-
    Labor Tocophobia (dread of childbirth)
  226. -tomy
    Cut, incise Phlebotomy (incision of a vein)
  227. tox-
    Poison Antitoxin (substance effective against poison)
  228. trans-
    Across, through, beyond Transection (cut across)
  229. tri-
    Three Triceps (three-headed muscle)
  230. -troph-
    Nourish Hypertrophy (enlargement or overnourishment)
  231. -tropic
    Changing, influencing Gonadotropic (influencing the gonads)
  232. ultra-
    Excess, beyond Ultraviolet (beyond violet end of spectrum)
  233. uni-
    One Unilateral (one side)
  234. -uria
    Urine Polyuria (excess urine)
  235. vaso-
    Vessel Vasoactive (affecting caliber of blood vessels)
  236. vene-
    Vein Venesection (phlebotomy)
  237. viscer-
    Internal organ Visceromotor (movement of internal organs)
  238. vivi-
    Alive Vivisection (surgery on living animals)
  239. xeno-
    Foreign Xenograft (graft of tissue to another species)
  240. zoo-
    Animal Zoogenous (acquired from animals)
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