Hematology Drugs

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  1. Anticoagulant Drugs


  2. Antihemophilic Factors
    Factor VIIa-Novoseven

    Factor VIII-Kogenate

    Factor IX-Mononine

    FFP-Fresh Frozen Plasma
  3. Antiplateletes

  4. Coagulants
    Phytonadione(Vitamin K)-Mephyton
  5. Hemantinics
    Ferrous Sulfate-Feosol


    Iron Dextran-Infed

    Cyancobalamin - Vitamin B12

    Folic Acid-Folate
  6. Growth Factors
    Epoetin Alfa - Epogen Procrit
  7. Thrombolytics
    Alteplase - Activase

    Tenecteplage - TNKase
  8. What are the Hematologic Drug Classes?
    • Anticoagulants
    • Antihemophilic Factors
    • Antiplatelets
    • Coagulants
    • Hematinics
    • Hematopoietic Growth Factors
    • Thrombolytics
  9. How do Anticoagulants work?
    By inhibiting the blood clotting process
  10. How do Antihemophilic Factos work?
    By replacing proteins for normal clotting processes
  11. How do Antiplatelets work?
    By inhibiting platelets to prevent clotting
  12. How do Coasulants work?
    By stimulating clotting with Vitamin K
  13. How do Hematinics work?
    By stimulating the production of hemoglobin(iron)
  14. How do Hematopoietic Growth Factors work?
    By increasing formation of red and white blood cells by stimulating the stem cells
  15. How do Thrombolytics work?
    By dissolving or splitting up clots

    used for emergency situations
  16. What are some counseling points for Aspirin?
    • No alcohol
    • Take with food or milk
  17. What are the counseling points for Warfarin/Coumadin?
    • No alcohol
    • No aspirin
  18. What are the main counseling points for Hematinics Feosol, Fergon, and InfeD?
    • Take with Milk
    • Discolor feces
    • constipation
  19. What are the only 3 drugs that are in pill form?
    • Feosol
    • Fergon
    • InFeD
  20. Which anemia is Folic Acid used for?
    Megaloblastic/folate anemia
  21. Which anemia is Vitamin B12/Cyanocobalamin used for?
    Vitamin B12/Pernicious anemia
  22. Which drug is used for blood doping?
    Epoetin Alfa=Erythropoietin/Epogen, Procrit
  23. The Antidote for a Heparin overdose
    Protamine sulfate
  24. The antidote for a Warfarin overdose
    Vitamin K
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