Science Chapter 5

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  1. any characteristic of matter that can be observed without changing the identity of the material.
    Physical Property
  2. amount of mass in a given volume.
  3. whether a sample of matter is a solid, a liquid, or a gas.
    State of Matter
  4. physical property that changes when the size of an object changes.
    Size-Dependent Property
  5. physical property that doesn't change when an object's size changes.
    Size-Independent Property
  6. characteristic of matter that allows it to change to a different type of matter.
    Chemical Property
  7. how easily one thing reacts with something else.
  8. compounds made of a metal and a non-metal that are formed when acids and bases react
  9. any change in size, shape, form, or state.
    Physical Change
  10. one type of matter changes into a different type of a matter with different properties.
    Chemical Change
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