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  1. In a split air conditioning system, the ____is inside and the _____is outside
    evaporator and condenser
  2. The device that automatically closes the gas valve if the pilot light goes off is the ___
  3. True or false? verify a representative number of outlets and switches
  4. Transformers are used to reduce voltage levels coming into a building. True or false?
  5. A path that electricity travels is known as a
  6. The flow of electrons along a conductor, such as copper wire, is defined as: a. ohm b. voltage c. amperage. d electric current
  7. A type of box that holds splices, outlets, and switches is called a
    junction box
  8. Fuse panels are mostly found in houses built before: a. 1980 b. 1970 c. 1950 d. 1980
    A 1980
  9. Above-ground cables coming from a utility pole to the service entrance conductors of a house are called: a. service lateral b. service entrance c. service drop d. branch circuit wiring
  10. Resistance to the flow of electricity is measured in
  11. Electric service cable should always be covered by the house siding to prevent weathering. True or false?
  12. All of the following conditions violate electrical standards in detached garages except: a. hanging wires b. exposed junction boxes c. wire splices d. exterior service wire
  13. The electrical pressure that pushes through the wires is known as:
  14. Radon is least likely to enter the house through: a. floor drains b. attic c. sump pump openings d. joints in the basement
    B attic
  15. If found in the house, total removal of even small amounts of asbestos-containing material is the recommended procedure.
  16. Which type of siding has color permeated throughout the material?
  17. The material that surrounds the window on the inside is known as the: a. glazing b. flashing c. casing d. footing
    C. casing
  18. What is a latent defect?
    a defect that is concealed or not readily discoverable
  19. Electrical meters are never located inside the structure?
    False. you may see this in older buildings
  20. Which of the following determines whether the structure has a basement (or a crawl space)? a. footing b. silll plate c. foundation wall d. girder
    C foundation wall
  21. Selvage roofing tupically comes in rolls ___or ___inches wide.
    18" or 36"
  22. The part of the heating system that transfers heat to air or water is the:
    heat exchanger
  23. What is a pitch pan?
    a sheet metal pan filled with pitch or tar 1" or 2" high around the stack
  24. A hot tub should not have a switch or receptacle within ___feet
  25. You must GFCI protect all outlets within ___feet of a spa
  26. Where a flat roof meets a sloped roof, the flat roof membrane should extend at least ___feet up the sloped roof.
  27. The difference between wood shingles and wood shakes is?
    • wood shingles are ususally thinner and machine cut
    • wood shakes are usually thicker and have an uneven surface
  28. Four ply built up roofs typically last ___to ___years
    15 to 20
  29. A chimney flue is a __and __channel for smoke
    seperate and distinct
  30. What are the two main categories for roofing systems?
    sloped and flat
  31. The pitch of a roof is defined as a ratio of ____over ___.
    rise over run
  32. The cord lengths for window units. 120 volt and 240 volt
    • 120 volt-10'
    • 240 volt- 6'
  33. True or false? Inspectors are required to inspect the voltage drop?
  34. Asbestos products are generally found in homes built prior to: a. 1950 b. 1965 c. 1978 d. 1990
    C 1978
  35. The two types of garage doors are:
    chain and screw
  36. A solid brick partition in the flue is called a ___
  37. As a general rule, one ton of air conditioning will cool ___sq ft of floor space
  38. Mixed use of pipe material in a water distribution piping system is ___
    not recommended
  39. A type of valve that keeps water from backing up in a water supply or drainage system is a
    backflow preventer
  40. An authorized deviation from a zoning ordinance is known as a
  41. Permission from the appropriate local government authority to construct or renovate any type of property is known as a
    building permit
  42. The ___prevents wind and moisture from penetrating the junction of the soffit and sheathing
    frieze board
  43. A small appliance circuit can be connected to how many switches or receptacles?
  44. The top of a light fixture in a pool should be at least ___inches under water
  45. How far from the edge of a swimming pool does a junction box have to be?
  46. Minimum size breaker for a dryer is
    30 amps
  47. How long can a cord or plug be to swimming pool equipment?
  48. The minimum size breaker for a range is:
    40 amps
  49. There should be a receptacle no more than ___feet from a pool wall
  50. What type of foundation settlement usuallyhas no appreciable effect on the structure?
    uniform settlement
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